Lost client flyer

What to Do When You Can’t Find Your Client

Every so often the ethics line takes a call from a member who is worried because they can’t contact their client and a deadline is near. Should they act to protect their client, even if they can’t reach them? What if the statute of limitations is approaching? If they don’t file suit, the client could […]

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Digital illustration of woman's brain

Why Every Lawyer Should Care About Neuroscience

“Neuroscience, Decisions and the Law.” Looking at the topic, one might think that the seminar speaker will be wearing a white lab coat and showing slides of CAT scans and lab rats. However, this seminar is actually an insightful presentation on how unconscious preconceptions and predispositions dramatically influence decision-making.

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Why Sean Carter Wants You to Laugh at Ethics

Harvard J.D., former securities lawyer, corporate vice president, and stand-up comedian Sean Carter has a light touch with the serious issue of ethical ills under the Rules of Professional Conduct. Find out why he thinks legal ethics is a laughing matter — and what you’ll take away from his “Comedic Legal Education” CLE on June […]

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LLLT Family Law Courses: Enroll Now

Join us on Nov. 19 for a free presentation about the program and to learn how to qualify. We are excited to announce that enrollment is now open for the winter quarter LLLT Family Law Course with new qualification options. The deadline for enrollment is Dec. 16, 2013. We invite all interested individuals to join us in-person or […]

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3 Things New Lawyers Should Know about Employment Discrimination Law

Helpful advice and resources for handling your first employment discrimination case. In June 2013, the WSBA held a CLE/NLE called “Handling your First Employment Discrimination Case.” Here are three key points I learned at the seminar, which play a huge role in processing employment discrimination cases (#1 and #2 can definitely apply to other areas […]

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What is ReInvent Law and Why Should Washington’s Young Lawyers Care?

Learn more about ReInvent Law, a series of “free, open conversation-sparking exchanges”. Disruption and change are constants in the legal industry today and many law students, young lawyers, and seasoned partners have been personally affected by the ongoing shifts. The legal industry in Washington has been no exception, but some see these challenges as an opportunity. […]

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