Friday 5: Build your CLE playlist with the WSBA-CLE Summer Sale

WSBA-CLE Summer Sale

The MP3 selection on my iPhone consists of the Frozen soundtrack (which I definitely only listen to with my 3-year-old daughter). I’m more of a podcast person – I think they’ve made me a better auditory learner. Certainly if I can learn about the Great London Smog with a podcast, I can build my legal knowledge with MP3 CLEs. And at 40% off all WSBA-CLE recorded seminars, now is a great time to start building my knowledge and earn some CLE credits.

So, move over Anna and Elsa, I’m adding some new selections to my playlist:

Ethical Issues Related to Taking Time Off | 1.5 ethics credits

Video | MP3

Planning a sabbatical? Parental leave? Or winding down your practice? This CLE will help you explore your ethical duties related to your time off.

Hear Us Roar: How Animal Law Issues are Shaping Modern Legal Practice | 6 general and 1 ethics credits

Video | MP3

I know animal law isn’t the most popular practice area, but I find it fascinating, and I’m a big believer in learning for the sake of it. At 40%, why not branch out a little?

Practice Management Check-Up: Transforming Your Solo and Small Firm from Surviving to Thriving | 5 general and 1.25 ethics credits

Video | MP3

Got overdue accounts that you’re struggling to collect on? Questions about cybersecurity? This CLE is for you!

Adoption Essentials 2013: Changes and Challenges | 5.5 general and 1 ethics credit

Video | MP3

As the title claims, this CLE covers everything Adoption, from the Hague Convention, the impacts of Baby Veronica, and assistive reproductive technology.

Tribal Family Law Clients | .75 general credits


This quick CLE is a good one for any family law practitioner not up to speed on what court system to use for a tribal client’s case.

If none of my picks are of interest, check out the full catalog that contains hundreds of recorded video and MP3 options covering all practice areas. They’re ALL on sale!