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Gavel and Bemjamins

Court of Appeals Finds Fee Dispute Alone Doesn’t Support Consumer Protection Act Claim

A recent decision from the Court of Appeals illustrates that some fee disputes will not meet the “public interest” requirement.
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Friday 5: Reasons to Attend the WSBA APEX Awards

The WSBA’s APEX Awards (Acknowledging Professional EXcellence) are happening on Thursday, Sept. 29! If you haven’t already registered, here are five reasons that we think will convince you to attend.
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Picking Practice Management Software: A Guide for Lawyers

With all the different time and billing, practice management, and customer management programs these days, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your practice. Here are some red flags I’ve learned to recognize, as well as answers that give me confidence that lawyers are making the right decision for their practice.
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Congratulations to the 533 Candidates Who Passed the Bar Exam!

bar exam results
Congratulations, future Washington lawyers!

bar exam resutls
Congratulations to everyone who passed the July 2016 bar exam! Of the 757 candidates, 533 candidates passed the exam. Read more »


What’s in the September 2016 Issue of NWLawyer

NWLawyer Sept 2016 cover
September means “back to school,” and the September 2016 issue of NWLawyer includes some great stories about legal education.

NWLawyer Sept 2016 coverSeptember means “back to school,” and the September 2016 issue of NWLawyer includes some great stories about legal education. Take a look at the stories below or read the full issue online. Read more »


Seven Tips for Preparing Associates for Trial

Two lawyer in a sidebar with a judge
Here are seven tips to help junior associates become effective trial attorneys.

Two lawyer in a sidebar with a judge
A trial is challenging, exhilarating and exhausting. It can also be an excellent opportunity for a junior associate to learn an incredible amount and gain significant experience in a relatively short period of time. With relentless preparation and with active mentorship, a new associate can maximize his or her early trial opportunities and can be a valuable member of a trial team. Here are seven tips for associates to consider as they develop into effective trial attorneys. Read more »


Supreme Court Reaffirms ‘Actual Innocence’ Requirement for Criminal-Case Malpractice Claims

Gavel and scale
The state Supreme Court reaffirmed that legal malpractice claims from a criminal case must prove the plaintiff innocent of the crime.

Gavel and scale

The Washington Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the requirement that a plaintiff in a legal malpractice claim arising from a criminal case prove that the plaintiff was actually innocent of the crime involved. The “actual innocence” requirement presents a high bar for claimants because, as the Supreme Court explained in Ang v. Martin, 154 Wn.2d 477, 484-85, 114 P.3d 637 (2005), it means more than just “legal innocence” in the sense of having a conviction reversed or otherwise vacated. As the Supreme Court defined it in Ang, “actual innocence” means just that: a malpractice claimant must show that the claimant did not do the crime charged. Read more »


Witness Backgrounds: What’s Admissible in Washington vs. Oregon

Magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard
Working on cases that involve both Washington and Oregon? Find how admissibility laws differ in the two states.

Magnifying glass on a laptop keyboardA lot can be learned from investigating the background of witnesses involving cases that span two states. As an investigator with a firm handling matters in Washington and Oregon, I need to know how far back to search witnesses’ backgrounds in order to determine what is admissible under the laws of each state. Some of the differences might surprise you. Read more »