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Tips for Deposing Adverse Experts

So you’re going to depose an adverse expert witness. No problem. Whatever type of case you’re litigating, you can weaken the impact of this expert with thorough preparation and an effective strategy. You might even be able to neutralize the expert entirely.
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File boxes

How Long Do You Need to Keep Closed Files?

Boxes of old, closed-case files in the garage, or incurring monthly storage fees, can be a nightmare for both large firms and the sole practitioner. On the WSBA Ethics Line, it’s not uncommon for us to field questions by attorneys taking over an established practice and inheriting mountains of closed files. What can they do with the old files? Are there rules on file retention?
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A mentor chatting with his mentee

A Creative New Way for Mentors to Earn MCLE Credits

Nearly two years ago, the Washington State Bar Association launched a creative new way for lawyers to earn free MCLE credits through one-on-one mentorships. It’s a program that deserves your attention. Although the Self-Directed Structured Mentoring Program may not have the catchiest name, the system behind that mouthful of syllables is elegantly designed to encourage lawyers to formally pair up to share professional knowledge and experience. Let’s call it “SDS” for short.
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A group of diverse attorneys

5 Things to Know About Chelan-Douglas Counties Volunteer Attorney Services

Through Chelan-Douglas Counties Volunteer Attorney Services, over 600 hours and $140,000 in pro bono legal services are donated every year to individuals and families in Chelan and Douglas counties. Read on to learn five things you should know about them.
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8 Things I learned from WSBA’s Disability and Ableism Program

diversity and tolerance on multicolor background
My key takeaways from Beyond the Dialogue: Disability and Ableism within the Legal Profession.

diversity and tolerance on multicolor backgroundIn October, as part of Disability Awareness Month, the WSBA Diversity Program partnered with the Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association to present a program entitled Beyond the Dialogue: Disability and Ableism within the Legal Profession. Read more »


Commit to Support Those Who Served Our Country

Citizens being sworn in at a courthouse
This Veterans Day WSBA encourages legal professionals to help remove e barriers facing veterans returning home.

Citizens being sworn in at a courthouseThere are almost 600,000 U.S. military veterans in Washington state. Many of them face challenges and legal barriers to successfully reintegrate into civilian life. The Washington State Bar Association encourages legal professionals to help remove those barriers. Read more »


12 Attorneys, a Call to Action, and 5 Minutes

Five Minutes logo
When attorney Aneelah Afzali issued a call to action, the Washington Leadership Institute responded with “Five Minutes.”

Five Minutes logoAround a large conference table at Perkins Coie in Seattle, twelve young attorneys of the Washington Leadership Institute listened attentively as a local Muslim-American lawyer spoke about media portrayal of Islam. The lawyer, Aneelah Afzali, issued a call to action, urging her audience to know Muslim people and challenge the media’s portrayal of Islam. Read more »


Referendum Process Review Work Group Needs Your Input

Lawyer pressing virtual chat icons
The referendum provision in the WSBA Bylaws is an important one. A WSBA work group reviewing the process wants to hear from you.

Lawyer pressing virtual chat iconsThe referendum provision in the WSBA Bylaws is an important one — It allows for a vote of the membership on certain actions taken by the Board of Governors. Currently, a member referendum may reverse a final Board action, modify a final Board action, enact a resolution, or amend the WSBA Bylaws. Read more »


Top 5 Reasons Not to Miss Open Sections Night

Prizes, appetizers, and networking benefits await you at WSBA annual Fall Open Sections Night on Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Tacoma.

Is there a WSBA section that fits your practice area(s)? What benefits will you receive as a section member? Find out at the Washington State Bar Association’s annual Fall Open Sections Night Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Tacoma for the first time. It’s a free event that connects new and young WSBA members, law students, and the highly experienced leaders of WSBA sections. Read more »