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A crowd of bidders at an auction.

May I Donate My Legal Services at a Charity Auction?

Attorneys sometimes call the WSBA Ethics Line – 800-945-9722 ext. 8284 – wondering if they can offer legal services at a charity auction. Often, they have concerns that it might violate ethics rules, but they aren’t sure which ones. While there are reasons to be careful about auctioning your services, a properly set up donation with a clear disclaimer can be compliant with the ethics rules. We’ll do a quick review of this scenario, but be sure to read the rules and their comments in their entirety.
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Law Day 2017 banner "The 14th Amendment:: American Democracy"

2017 Law Day Marks Increased Focus on Legal Profession, Recognizes Impact of 14th Amendment

Happy Law Day! I’m Sanjay Walvekar, the new legal community outreach specialist at the WSBA. I’m excited for this opportunity to introduce myself and to share my thoughts on this important holiday.
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2017 Law Day Celebrates the 14th Amendment

May 1 is Law Day, and this year’s theme is The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy. Here’s what’s going on in Washington.
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Recent Articles


Week 15: WSBA Bills Signed into Law

Washington's flag
Last week, Gov. Inslee signed into law both WSBA-request bills, Senate Bill 5011 and Substitute Senate Bill 5012.

Washington's Capitol in OlyLast week, the Legislature entered the final week of the regular session, and Gov. Inslee called the Legislature into its first special session, beginning at 10 a.m. today (April 24). Read more »


Court of Appeals Reiterates No Duty to Will Beneficiaries

law books
Court of Appeals affirms will beneficiaries usually have no standing for malpractice against the attorney who drew the will.

law booksDivision I of the Court of Appeals in Reznick v. Livengood, Alskog, PLLC, 2016 WL 7470037 (Wn. App. Dec. 27, 2016) (unpublished), recently reiterated that will beneficiaries ordinarily do not have standing to bring a legal malpractice claim against the attorney who drew the will involved because they are not clients of the lawyer. In doing so, the Court of Appeals relied primarily on its own opinion in Parks v. Fink, 173 Wn. App. 366, 293 P.3d 1275 (2013), which, in turn, applied the Washington Supreme Court’s decision in Trask v. Butler, 123 Wn.2d 835, 872 P.2d 1080 (1994). Read more »


Running At-Large Part II: Let’s Be Real

Gov. At-Large Mario Cava
Gov. At-Large Mario Cava: We need diverse leaders who understand the disparate impacts of our policies and break barriers to justice.

Gov. At-Large Mario CavaWhile running for governor at-large on the WSBA Board of Governors offers “visibility” for those traditionally underrepresented in the profession, it also means speaking out as a champion for justice. After all, it is the WSBA’s mission to “serve the public and the members of the bar, to ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.” We need diverse leaders who understand the disparate impacts of the policies and procedures they write and who challenge structural barriers to access to the legal system. Read more »


Underpinning Digital Delivery with Integrity: The Role of Legal Counsel

Scale of justice
Legal counsel can help avoid the risks for businesses marketing via websites, social media, email, and smart-phone apps.

Scale of justiceDigital content is being published at a historically high rate. Organizations are employing business-minded strategies focused on delivering communications and marketing messages via websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. As they look to leverage even more online platforms – such as customer relationship management tools and chatbots – their exposure to regulatory and legal risks continues to grow. Read more »


Week 13: Corporate Act Revisions Await Gov’s Signature

Washington's flag
The Legislature is finished with policy and fiscal committee hearings and will be taking floor votes on bills until April 12.

Washington's Capitol in OlyThe Legislature is finished with policy and fiscal committee hearings and will be taking floor votes on bills until April 12. Budget negotiations will need to be finished before the end of the regular session, April 23; otherwise there will need to be at least one special session.

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