Catch the New Advisory Opinions on Social Media and Lead Generation

Two new advisory opinions have recently been posted to help attorneys follow the RPCs while navigating the Internet. Take a look at these to steer clear in the areas of social media and Internet marketing.

Opinion 201401 looks at online lead generation services that connect prospective clients with attorneys. The questions discussed include: Is it okay to participate in one? Can you pay to do so? What do you need to check out before you do? There are some critical points about the service that a lawyer needs to know before she signs up.  The opinion also gives guidelines about appropriate etiquette for attorney contact with prospective clients by telephone, real-time Internet communication, email, and text.

Opinion 201402 discusses participation in online social media profile websites, talking about the rating systems in these profile websites, what you should look at before participating in one, and what your responsibilities are if you do. Other questions discussed include: Is it okay to endorse another lawyer in return for him endorsing you? Read it and find out.

The opinions are issued by the Committee on Professional Ethics. More advisory opinions can be found on the Ethics Advisory Opinions Search database.

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    Get the low-down on new ethics opinions issued in Washington State: Opinion 201401 – Participating in Online Lead Generation Services to Garner Clients and Opinion 201402 – The Ethics of Using Online Social Media Profile Websites Like Avvo

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