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The Intake Process: What Lawyers Can Learn From a Mexico City Ceviche Delivery

Delivery scooterWe were holed up in our apartment in Ciudad de Mexico as rain turned the streets into navigable waterways. Although the city is nestled in a vast mountain valley, “CDMX” has a great seafood scene and our hearts were set on ceviche. That we were apartment-bound turned out to be no problem. I scrolled through Uber Eats and found the top-rated spot miles away on the far side of Chapultepec park. Click, click, click. Twenty minutes later, a poncho-enshrouded biker showed up with citrusy prawns and piping hot soup.

Wow. Read more »


Friday 5: Great On-Demand CLEs on Sale this Weekend

Summer Sale logoCash in on the CLE Annual Summer Sale this weekend and save 40% on over 300 recorded CLEs. Here’s a sample of the on-demand seminars still available for discount. Read more »


Friday 5: A taste of the 300+ on-demand CLEs on sale now

Summer Sale iconRejoice, for summer has returned to the Pacific Northwest! Breathe deeply as the scent of charring meats fills the air, dive into waters that no longer induce hypothermia, and welcome the return of the CLE Annual Summer Sale. Read more »


5 Legal Takeaways from Mass Atrocities

A boy covering his eyes in a Syrian refugee camp
On June 20–22, the WSBA World Peace Through Law Section is sponsoring a CLE through the Seattle University School of Law: “Mass Atrocities and Human Rights: Legal Responses and Continued Challenges.”

Ruins of a city after earthquakeIn 2009, despite some internal warnings, the Obama administration began easing sanctions on the Myanmar government. Almost a decade later, with thousands of Rohingya killed and hundreds of thousands who’ve fled the genocide, it’s easy to wonder, what if more people were there to pressure our government? What if there were more people who recognized the early signs of a mass atrocity and who could have built a legal case that might have prevented it? Read more »


Shared Wisdom: Experienced Lawyers Pass on Their Knowledge at MentorLink Mixers

Graphic silhouettes of lawyers mingling.
WSBA Communications Specialist Colin Rigley gets a taste of the conversation and keys to success heard inside WSBA’s recent MetorLink Mixer.

Graphic silhouettes of lawyers mingling.At a packed MentorLink Mixer in the WSBA Conference Center on May 15, Roger Moss, a Seattle attorney and mediator, spent the afternoon sitting with a rotating batch of other lawyers — some younger, some older, some in law for a while, some still fresh to it — who were looking for advice on what to do next in their careers. The topic of the day was Alternative Careers for Legal Professionals, which drew so much interest that the mixer reached capacity about two weeks before the event.

If you took Moss’s advice from that day and distilled it to its most basic components, it would be “I go to things.” Read more »