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If there had to be a single moment to exemplify how much has changed in the world of law, it would have to be a distraught lawyer affirming to a district court judge “I’m not a cat.” Yes, just when you think you’ve got this virtual hearing thing down, you find yourself the victim of your kid’s Zoom filter, frantically trying to de-kitty your visage before you argue your case.

The now infamous Rod Ponton, inadvertent viral video star after he appeared before a Texas Zoom hearing as a talking cat, probably doesn’t have to worry about any ethical issues—even when he took the brave step to muscle through as a kitten J.D., saying “I’m prepared to go forward with it.”

In many other cases, however, technology does present ethical issues lawyers should be aware of. To help members continue to develop their careers and deliver solid legal representation these days, more than 500 on-demand CLEs—including a bevy of courses covering lawyer ethics and related topics—are being offered at a 50% discount through Feb. 16.

Here are a few best-selling and popular CLEs you might want to scoop up before the discount ends.


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