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Muslim girl leads a protest march in downtown Seattle.

Supporting Our Muslim Neighbors

This year Dee, my spouse, and I became more politically active than we have been in the past. We marched in the MLK Seattle march for the first time and in the women’s march the day after inauguration. We carried a sign saying, “No Muslim Registry” on one side and “Black Lives Matter” on the other side. We attended an event featuring Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, as the keynote speaker.

Our sign said, “No Muslim Registry” because we do not want a repeat of the injustice experienced by Japanese Americans when they were rounded up and sent to internment camps at the outbreak of World War II. Both Dee and I know people who had to live in those camps.

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ICE agents making an arrest

Immigration Enforcement Must Not Restrict Victims’ Rights, Due Process

How can we expect immigrants who themselves are victims of crimes – minor or major crimes – committed by U.S. citizens to face a judge under threat of deportation? What about key witnesses who happen to be undocumented? Will their absence absolve the guilty or convict the innocent? If any place should be considered a “sensitive location” to ICE, it should be the place where justice is dealt.

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Hot Off the Press (and Web): the Latest Issue of NWLawyer

Cover of March NWLawyer
The March issue of NWLawyer, features WSBA members on their views of recent executive orders on immigration.

Cover of March NWLawyerIn the March issue of NWLawyer, we hear from WSBA members on their views on President Trump’s executive orders on immigration, including: an in-depth legal analysis of the orders, perspective from an Iranian-American attorney, and a story about an innovative solution that employs technology to assist immigrants and refugees in need of representation. Read more »


Deportation Measures in Action: What Obama’s Enforcement Means for Immigration

Immigrants walking in front of Europe map background
Recent changes to immigration enforcement have heightened concerns for thousands of immigrants and their attorneys in Washington.

immigration people on europe map backgroundRecent changes to immigration enforcement have made deportation a heightened concern for thousands of immigrants and the Washington attorneys who serve them. Read more »


Quick Recap: Mellouli v. Holder, No. 13-1034

Legal blogger William Shogren breaks down the potential impact of the Mellouli v. Holder case, concerning drug possession and deportation.


Almost a month ago, on Jan. 14, 2015, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Mellouli v. Holder, No. 13-1034. This case involves questions of drug possession and deportation and could have a big impact on immigration law.

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