5 On-Demand Seminars You Should Check Out During WSBA’s Winter CLE

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Over the past decade, according to the 2021 Report on the State of the Legal Market, “the market for legal services has been evolving toward a different delivery model.” Then it was thrust headlong into a world in which remote work and reliance on technology are the expected norm rather than a novelty.

For a profession historically rooted in physical signatures and face-to-face interaction, COVID-19 was a dramatic shift, but legal professionals learned to adapt and continue to find ways to enhance their services. According to the 2021 report, “While 37% of lawyers expressed an interest in remote work prior to the pandemic, 76% now favor the remote work option.”

Recognizing the challenges facing legal professionals—and correspondingly the public who rely on competent legal representation—the WSBA has responded with a variety of resources to help Washington’s legal community adjust. Last year we developed free Continuing Legal Education courses (CLEs) on COVID-19-related topics and have continued to push out additional CLEs to guide members through the many new issues as they emerge.

And starting today we’re offering 50 percent discounts on more than 500, on-demand CLEs to help WSBA members continue to learn and grow in this new world. The discounts will last through Feb. 16. Visit our online store to see what’s available. You might want to start with the CLEs listed below, which have been among the most-popular courses on some of the most significant topics legal professionals are facing today.

ALPS Ethics: The Ethics Line—What’s Hot Right Now?

Watch a series of video vignettes that are designed to demonstrate common ethical issues that attorneys face. Then hear from a panel of experts as they break down the issues and answer relevant ethical questions. This program will help you build greater sensitivity to potential ethical issues in every-day scenarios, and learn how best to identify, address, and professionally resolve them.

Using Zoom: Best Practices

Videoconferencing tools like Zoom have become indispensable with face-to-face meetings being all but gone, but these tools are particularly tricky for a lawyer trying to effectively do their job. This program will address topics including security concerns, how to avoid disclosing sensitive information, how to keep technological hiccups from interrupting the flow of conversation, scheduling meetings, preparing for a Zoom meeting, Zoom etiquette, and more.

Remote Work Tips and Tricks AMA

Working remotely can be a blessing for some and a curse for others. Wherever you land, we can all benefit from advice on shifting our work from the office to the living room. Hear from a panel of attorneys, who are experts in remote working and using technology in their daily practice, to learn how to make remote working work for you.

The Washington Law and Practice Refresher—Day 1: Research and Ethics

This program focuses on legal research and strategies to help save you time and money, as well as general ethics training. Brush up on client communications, managing a trust account, creating a more inclusive practice, and using social media in your law practice.

Professional Responsibility in the Time of COVID-19

WSBA Professional Responsibility Counsel Jeanne Marie Clavere discusses potential ethical issues for members to consider while providing legal services.