Top Tech Books for Lawyers

Whether you embrace technology or grudgingly tolerate it, it’s an unavoidable part of the modern law practice. But incorporating technology into your office doesn’t have to be painful. Our tech-book guide, featured in the July/August issue of NWLawyer, is full of books that will show you how to create a LinkedIn profile, run a virtual office, and get the most out of iPad apps created just for lawyers. (And, yes, you can get them in e-book form.)

iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, 3rd ed.; Tom Mighell; 2014; 109 pp.; $50

As anyone who owns an iPad knows, it’s is a lot of fun — but it can also be a powerful tool for lawyers when you put it to work. In the third edition of this ABA bestseller, author and lawyer Tom Mighell explains how you can use your iPad in your law practice, as well as the newest apps designed specifically for lawyers. You’ll learn to view and manage pleadings, case law, contracts, and other legal documents; see how to take notes and manage your documents; and discover time-saving shortcuts and tips. At just 109 pages, this guide is a quick read to get you up to speed with your new iPad.

The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers; Ruth Carter; 2014; 204 pp.; $80

Before you start that law blog, make sure you understand the legal issues surrounding blogging, including intellectual property, client confidentiality, professionalism, and more. Written by blogger Ruth Carter for lawyer-bloggers, The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers explains your rights as a blogger, discusses real-life examples of what can go wrong, and offers advice about how to avoid some common legal pitfalls of blogging.

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