A comic book image of a cosmic attorney

Comics, Creators, Copyrights and Collaboration

Representing comic book creators can be exciting: you get to use your JD to protect costumed heroes and villains! Given Hollywood’s love of the comic book property, attorneys who practice IP law and work in the entertainment industries should have a working knowledge of the legal issues comic book creators face each time they begin […]

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Etching of Lincoln and cabinet at signing of the Emancipation Proclamation

Friday 5: Books and Movies about Abraham Lincoln

This year, Presidents Day falls on Feb. 15, 2016. Since we’ve already covered the history of Presidents Day and some lesser-known facts about George Washington, we thought it was only fair to dedicate a post to Abraham Lincoln. If you’d like to learn more about Lincoln over the holiday weekend, here are our top five […]

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Feet of three lawyers, one wearing clown shoes

Comebacks for Lawyer Jokes

It’s every lawyer’s social nightmare: You’re at a party; you mention you’re a lawyer, and the unflattering jokes start coming non-stop. But if you object, you have no sense of humor. So do you have to just stand there and take it? Not anymore!

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