Friday 5: A taste of the 300+ on-demand CLEs on sale now

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Summer Sale iconRejoice, for summer has returned to the Pacific Northwest! Breathe deeply as the scent of charring meats fills the air, dive into waters that no longer induce hypothermia, and welcome the return of the CLE Annual Summer Sale.

Now through July 24, more than 300 on-demand recorded seminars are 40% off. These seminars cover most major practice areas and ethical issues. As just a small sample of what you’ll find, here are five of the top-selling recordings, all of which are on sale:

  1. Ethical Considerations in Running a Cannabis Law Practice: Client Intake Advice and Internal Risk Management (April 2016) │ 1 Ethics credit
  2. Family law Annual Seminar: Plain Talk on Plain Language Issues (Dec. 2016) │ 5 Law & Legal Procedure + 1 Ethics credit
  3. Planning Outside the Box: State-Specific Issues for Washington Estate Planners (Dec. 2017) │ 5 Law & Legal Procedure + 1 Ethics credit
  4. Annual Fall Real Property Seminar (Dec. 2017) │ 4 Law & Legal Procedure + 1 Ethics + 1 Other credit
  5. Ethics in Civil Litigation (Sept. 2017) │6.25 Ethics credits

See what else is on sale.

One thought on “Friday 5: A taste of the 300+ on-demand CLEs on sale now

  1. Edward Hiskes

    WSBA CLEs should be free to WSBA members …. we are already paying $500/year, and we should get something in return.

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