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Underpinning Digital Delivery with Integrity: The Role of Legal Counsel

Scale of justice
Legal counsel can help avoid the risks for businesses marketing via websites, social media, email, and smart-phone apps.

Scale of justiceDigital content is being published at a historically high rate. Organizations are employing business-minded strategies focused on delivering communications and marketing messages via websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. As they look to leverage even more online platforms – such as customer relationship management tools and chatbots – their exposure to regulatory and legal risks continues to grow. Read more »


Five Best Practices for Law Firm Websites

Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbols
Face it, your professional face is seen mostly online today. Got a site? Here are the five basics you should know.

Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbolsWhether you are a small or large firm with hundreds of attorneys, your website is likely the foundation of business development and new client lead generation. There is certainly a lot of advice out there on how to make a website effective, perhaps so much information that it might be difficult to determine where to start. Read more »


New Advisory Opinion on Virtual Offices

Weird digital abstract STEM-ish image
The WSBA Committee on Professional Ethics released an advisory opinion on regulatory and risk management for “virtual offices.”

Weird digital abstract STEM-ish imageThe Washington State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics recently released an advisory opinion surveying regulatory and risk management issues for lawyers practicing in so-called “virtual offices.” This emerging practice arrangement can range from a solo attorney working from home to an entire firm that lacks a traditional brick-and-mortar location. Virtual offices typically rely instead on electronic resources, such as cloud-based email, filing, and billing systems. Read more »


Alaska Bar Warns of “Web Bugs”

Web bug illustration
The Alaska Bar concludes the use of email-hitchhiking “web bugs” is improper.

Web bug illustrationThe Alaska Bar Association recently released a new ethics opinion on so-called “web bugs” — electronic trackers placed in email to allow the sender to see (among other things) where the recipient forwarded the email and how long the email was reviewed. In the scenario that gave rise to the opinion, an Alaska Bar member had received an email with a web bug from opposing counsel. Although the recipient discovered the web bug, the apparent intent was to track the information secretly. The recipient asked the Alaska Bar about the propriety of using web bugs. The Alaska Bar in Ethics Opinion 2016-1 concluded that the use of web bugs is improper. The opinion is available on the Alaska Bar website. Read more »


Picking Practice Management Software: A Guide for Lawyers

Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbols
With all the different time-and-billing and practice management programs these days, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbols

With all the different time and billing, practice management, and customer management programs these days, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your practice. I’ve talked to many lawyers over the years about choosing software. I ask them what they have explored and why they are considering it. I also ask them what problems they are trying to solve and how they want their workday to feel different. Here are some red flags I’ve learned to recognize, as well as answers that give me confidence that lawyers are making the right decision for their practice. Read more »