kanban board

How Lawyers Can Use Kanban to Visualize Workflow

Project management is critical for lawyers in any practice. Kanban is a tool that efficiently manages your time and your projects. Busyness is one of the plagues of lawyerdom. How many times have you been asked whether you’re “busy” at your practice? It’s an absurd question when you think about it, because our clients don’t […]

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Legislative Update

Fantasy Sports Takes on Washington’s Lawmakers

Fantasy sports is no longer an isolated niche for fans of football or baseball who want additional incentive to watch the game. Daily fantasy sports (or “DFS,” as it’s known for short) have made the industry big business, as players can win money based on putting together teams in a variety of sports.

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Mentor and mentee meeting

A New Way to Do Pro Bono in Washington State

If you’re like many of the attorneys I know, you want to do pro bono work, but it can be hard to find the time. Most lawyers are busy, with important responsibilities to current clients, families and friends. If this describes you, good news: a new way to serve low-income clients has arrived in Washington.

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A man in the suit hits the play button.

Creating Amazing Videos and Avoiding Ethics Violations

Video is a powerful platform for connecting with new prospects, establishing a stronger online presence, and providing resources for your current clients. As part of our ethics day on Aug. 26, 2015, we will be covering how to create content — including video — that avoids common ethics violations. But what makes a good video […]

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12 ABA TECHSHOW 2015 Highlights

My second year at the ABA TECHSHOW was magical. I was no longer a deer in the headlights, unable to absorb the massive amounts of content and activities. I made a pact with myself to indulge in every aspect of the event. This is my countdown of what I learned, thought, and got.

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