CosmoLex: Easier Accounting for Solo & Small Law Firms

Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbols
Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbols
A WSBA member recently test drove CosmoLex, one of the new discounted practice management software systems available for members of the Bar.

Illustration of two lawyers with computer symbolsI recently opened my solo law practice, and, as many solo attorneys can attest, one of the most challenging tasks I faced was picking a practice management system. Trying to crowdsource a solution only left me with more questions and choices than I could handle. I was simultaneously finding my way around legal accounting, particularly paying attention to trust accounting (IOLTA) issues. It was at the intersection of this quest that I learned about CosmoLex. I then was invited to serve on a statewide member panel to evaluate CosmoLex’s proposal to join the Washington State Bar Association’s Practice Management Discount Network. I was excited to participate.

CosmoLex is a cloud-based system that had recently come to market. In a competitive field, this product boasts a tempting range of attributes. Its standout attribute is that both business and trust accounting aspects are baked right in; which means a law firm doesn’t need an independent accounting system in addition to a practice management system. Further, CosmoLex integrates LawPay – another vendor in the discount network – which will be attractive to many solos who already favor this payment system. The product’s cloud component makes it convenient to use from anywhere in the world and offers data security and protection, which are increasingly of concern to firms and legal professionals.

CosmoLex law firm dashboard

CosmoLex law firm dashboard

It also has one of the best round-the-clock customer services I’ve encountered. Their support staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic to help the end user. Data migration is available to those law firms with a different system, and CosmoLex provides a dedicated account manager to ensure a smooth transition. I have found their system user-friendly especially in light of their free monthly trial with an inbuilt demo by their product specialist.

CosmoLex offers an array of other attributes comparable to its competitors. I find their dedicated customer service and baked-in accounting system most persuasive, but the product’s other aspects are attractive as well.

Try CosmoLex & Save

Cosmolex logoThe discount on CosmoLex, as well as discounts on other software and services, is available through WSBA’s Practice Management Discount Network –– helping you improve your legal service delivery. Visit to get started.

2 thoughts on “CosmoLex: Easier Accounting for Solo & Small Law Firms

  1. Manny Jacobowitz

    I tried CosmoLex’s free trial once. The customer support team didn’t get back to me for 24 hours, which was annoying because we had scheduled time with our bookkeeper and IT vendors to try out the new system, and we had told Cosmolex’s sales rep we would be doing that. When they did get back to us, they said, oh, you were trying to upload your data? But it’s just the trial period, we’re not set up for that! How exactly we were supposed to test-drive their system without using data, I never did understand. Not impressed.

  2. Inez P Petersen

    If I were to see a list of things my dues should cover, and especially what the 40% increase covers, I would not check the box entitled “Yes, spend my dues on promoting practice management software.” Marketing the products of others is something the WSBA should not be doing with the dues of its members. Perhaps the WSBA mission statement needs re-interpretation. I can’t be the only lawyer with such a first impression after reading this article.

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