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Legal Research Companies Casemaker and Fastcase Merge

Legal publishers Casemaker and Fastcase today announce their merger and joint building out of legal research and analytics, news, data, and workflow solutions. The two companies will combine their teams and technologies to innovate research, analytics, and workflow offerings that empower lawyers with powerful digital solutions for their clients.

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7 Virtual Networking Tips for Legal Professionals in the 21st Century

The digital transformation of the legal industry went into overdrive the last few months. With in-person meetings and large gatherings canceled for the foreseeable future, networking virtually has become the norm. While networking virtually has made it easier than ever to reach out to a stranger and connect, virtual interactions can still feel awkward and unnatural.

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How to Win Your Case Using the Latest Discovery Technology

Discovery is a challenging and rewarding process. The rewards are frequently based on the speed and efficiency of data acquisition and its interpretation; the pitfalls are related to the lack thereof. Therefore, success in the discovery process is only as effective as the technology used to uncover and apply it. The most important aspect of […]

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‘Deepfakes’: A New Challenge for Trial Courts

The following was excerpted from an article that will appear in a future issue of NWLawyer. The author was also recently interviewed for the “What’s Next” newsletter on LAW.COM, which you can read here. The client shows his lawyer a video he says he took on his cell phone. It shows the defendant saying things […]

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Why Business, and Other Lawyers Should Pay Attention to Blockchain

It is important that business lawyers know what blockchain is. It has become almost impossible to avoid conversations about blockchain. Most of us are familiar with at least one form of blockchain: digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. But this technology has a much wider reach than bitcoin alone. Blockchain is not only a new technology that […]

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CosmoLex: Easier Accounting for Solo & Small Law Firms

A WSBA member recently test drove CosmoLex, one of the new discounted practice management software systems available for members of the Bar. I recently opened my solo law practice, and, as many solo attorneys can attest, one of the most challenging tasks I faced was picking a practice management system. Trying to crowdsource a solution […]

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Responding to Negative Online Reviews

The internet and social media are a part of most attorneys’ practices, whether they’ve chosen an aggressive online presence or not. Along with marketing their practice and maintaining their digital presence, attorneys may find themselves facing a negative internet review. Sometimes they call the WSBA Ethics Line (800-945-9722 ext. 8284) asking for guidance on whether […]

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The Consequences of Technological Incompetence

Being a Luddite can be expensive, embarrassing, and potentially disastrous for lawyers and clients. Tech incompetence can result in wasted time (and therefore increased cost to the client), loss of money and identity, ethical sanctions, and embarrassment or worse in the courtroom. Those are high prices to pay for being too proud (or lazy) to […]

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