Core Secrets: One Attorney’s Involvement in Legal Representation Regarding UFOs

An American fighter jet pursues a UFO over a coastline somewhere

There is one unique moment in the development of any given planet in the universe when its inhabitants receive actual confirmation that they are not alone in the vastness of infinity. This special moment happens only once in a planet’s entire existence; when speculation and conjecture finally give way all at once to the worldwide reality that, “We are not alone!”

As someone with a fortuitous front-row-seat to what my client, UFO researcher Grant Cameron, has called the greatest UFO “Super Bowl” event of all time, my formal baptism-by-fire into the U.S. government disclosure of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) began in earnest on Jan. 2, 2019 at 2:37 p.m. PST. It was then, that I received a strange, encrypted text message that, little did I realize, would change my life and many others across the planet.

Before that afternoon, I had never actually received an encrypted text before and, initially, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to open it. For whatever reason—call it professional curiosity—I downloaded the requisite mobile app to read my unsolicited communication. Like Alice tumbling into Wonderland, thus began my long and winding dive down the cosmic rabbit hole of UFO/E.T. confirmation and disclosure.

Once decrypted, I learned the text’s author was Cameron, my long-time client. It read as follows:

“Michael. I have a situation. I’m about ready to drop a major UFO bomb. And I need to run it by you as ‘The Paranormal Lawyer.’”

Footage of an unidentified object take from USS Omaha July 15, 2019. Photo courtesy Wiki Commons.

In mainstream culture, discussions of UFOs are often brushed aside mockingly or engaged in as a pure tongue-in-cheek entertainment. However, as is now undeniable, the U.S. government and its military have confirmed the long-known and documented presence of these objects in our skies, for which they have offered no public explanation.

The foregoing is just one example of the caseload a typical “paranormal lawyer” deals with on a daily basis. Perhaps surprising to some, most of my over three-decades of representing various serious paranormal researchers—such as Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center; Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day regarding the USS Nimitz UFO encounter; Dr. Richard Haines, NASA (Ret.) and of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Aerial Phenomena—have more to do with more traditional lawyering tasks than eyebrow-raising things one might expect, like bringing motions for habeas corpus to produce ghostly apparitions before the court.

Most of my clients have the same mundane legal needs as anyone. Such routine tasks, even for the paranormal, include reviewing contracts, negotiating with various film and video production companies, or protecting their proprietary information and copyright issues.

However, there are those days when the daily grind suddenly gives way to a tsunami of paranormal activity that keeps the job quite exciting. For example, when my long-time client, Cameron, texted me out of the blue with the aforementioned encrypted message which seemingly changes how we think about the entire world and our place in the universe. In those special moments, I believe that I truly have the most exciting job in the world.

Now that UFOs (and the non-zero possibility of their extraterrestrial origins) are being confirmed by the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and U.S. military agencies, it would only be prudent to get my fellow legal colleagues up to speed on these (possibly other-worldly) issues.

Lawyers have always been frontline responders when it comes to their client’s being under stress (in any aspect of their lives). Like the pastor of a local spiritual flock, lawyers are often called upon by those who need to take advantage of confidentiality, such as the attorney-client privilege, and gain good counsel. In my case, people seek counsel regarding a particularly unexplained sighting report, an ominous visit by “men in black,” or potentially even an alien abduction experience.

Most attorneys would initially scoff at such client conferences and dismiss them out of hand. However, I predict, that if more attorneys were open to discussing such previously off-limits subjects, they would be surprised how many unserved individuals would come forward with their collateral legal issues that can be addressed with traditional legal resolutions … or perhaps those that are slightly more out of this world.

About the Interviewee

Michael W. Hall

Michael W. Hall. Hall, “The Paranormal Lawyer,” is an attorney and former Superior Court judge pro tem; a UFO field investigator for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, a long-time consultant to the Mutual UFO Network and the attorney of record for the National UFO Reporting Center, and National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena. An “experiencer” himself, Hall has also represented such noted ufologists and researchers as Grant Cameron, Kevin Day, Peter Davenport, Dr. Richard Haines, and Dr. James Harder.