Meet the New WSBA President in the Latest Issue of NWLawyer

What do you get when you combine the set for “Seussical the Musical,” 400 Olympia teenagers, and … small-claims hearings? Why it’s Court in the Classroom, of course. Noel Brady breaks down how Thurston County District Court is bringing real-life courtroom experiences to students. In the latest issue of NWLawyer, you’ll also formally meet the […]

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Cartoon of men playing tag

A Lawyer, a Movie, and 30 Years of Tag

Patrick Schultheis has been practicing law for 29 years—about as long as his group of friends has been playing the same game of tag. Their story was first picked up by The Wall Street Journal, and has been covered by CBS Sunday Morning and ESPN as well. Now, after nearly 30 years of tag, the […]

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Friday 5: How to Terrify a Lawyer for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so it seems appropriate to share some “reanimated” Halloween blog posts and NWLawyer articles from years past. From chilling Washington case law to office costume guidance and Halloween-themed laws, there’s plenty of fun-size reading to get you in the mood for Halloween.

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Book on Beach

Friday 5: Legal (and Non-Legal) Beach Reads

Essential summer reading for lawyers and non-lawyers. It’s getting hot outside and the summer season is upon us. Time to grab the beach towels from the cupboard, brush off that lounge chair, and fill your tote bags with the essentials — books! Here are 5 legal (and non-legal) beach reads to keep you occupied while […]

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Cover of NWLawyer

What’s in the July/August Issue of NWLawyer

Need some summer reading? The July/August 2016 double issue of NWLawyer is packed with articles on national parks, lawyer hobbies, and more — and it’s arriving in your mailbox soon. Check out some of our feature stories below or read the full issue online.

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Cover of NWLawyer June 2016

What’s in the June Issue of NWLawyer

Father’s Day is June 19, so it’s only appropriate that the June issue of NWLawyer features WSBA members paying tribute to fatherhood. Do you have a favorite Father’s Day memory to share? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

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A comic book image of a cosmic attorney

Comics, Creators, Copyrights and Collaboration

Representing comic book creators can be exciting: you get to use your JD to protect costumed heroes and villains! Given Hollywood’s love of the comic book property, attorneys who practice IP law and work in the entertainment industries should have a working knowledge of the legal issues comic book creators face each time they begin […]

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Legislative Update

Fantasy Sports Takes on Washington’s Lawmakers

Fantasy sports is no longer an isolated niche for fans of football or baseball who want additional incentive to watch the game. Daily fantasy sports (or “DFS,” as it’s known for short) have made the industry big business, as players can win money based on putting together teams in a variety of sports.

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