Gift Ideas for the Lawyer or Law Student in Your Life

Christmas office party

Unfortunately, you probably can’t get lawyers and law students the gift they really want: eliminating their student loans. However, there’s still time to find a gift that will delight the legal wonk in your life.

We can’t endorse specific products, but the WSBA ranks are chockfull of lawyers full of ideas. Here are a few WSBA-approved gift ideas for the lawyer or law student in your life.


You can never go wrong with a traditional briefcase. It’s one of the quintessential lawyer accessories and a time-honored gift for someone who’s either heading out on their own in the legal profession or about to start with an established firm.

Similarly, based on the adamant recommendations of a few WSBA lawyers we polled for gift ideas, a padfolio is a stylish and practical gift option. One former practicing lawyer referred to the padfolio—a stylish way to organize, store, and protect documents—as “fantastically useful.”

Caffeine Supplies

The majority, 53 percent, of respondents to a recent survey of law firms said their firms would continue to allow full-time remote work, and 70 percent said they could continue working remotely part-time. So remote work is here to stay, which is great, but the easily accessible supply of office coffee is less accessible, which is mildly terrifying for some.

Consider getting the legal professional in your life a new lifeline to their caffeine supply. A gift of a coffee maker—either a pod-style instant machine, or a French press for those who enjoy the craft of coffee as much as the cup—will not go unappreciated. Or pick up a travel mug with a lid so they can take their brew with them whether they’re working from home, the office, or court.

Work-From-Home Accoutrements

With many continuing to work partly or primarily from home, accessories are a must. Both practicing lawyers and law students need ways to stay comfortable from their home office or study space, as well as the tools now necessary to succeed in this new virtual environment.

For comfort, consider a footrest, foot roller, keyboard wrist rest, or lounge pants or sweatpants so they can stay comfy out of view of the webcam even while remaining business appropriate on top.

To help them look and sound their best, pick up a simple LED ring light (these are relatively inexpensive and come in sizes small enough to mount on a laptop screen), or a pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headset to help them clearly hear and be heard on video calls.

Lawyer Schwag

A simple search for such keywords as “lawyer gifts” or “lawyer shirts” (either on Google or a site like Etsy) will turn up a bevy of casual wear worthy of a healthy chuckle. Pick up some weekend-appropriate attire like a shirt or sweater emblazoned with gems like “Trust me, I’m a lawyer” or “I’m billing you for this conversation.”

Desk Greenery

No one wants a sterile workspace; however, the image of a dead plant is much less appealing. A bit of green is a welcome addition to any lawyer’s desk, but also consider the implications of their usual workflow. Look for plants that can thrive on a bit of neglect while their caretakers are heads down in briefs for hours on end. Plants like cacti, air plants, ivy, and succulents will add an organic touch but don’t require extensive sunlight or frequent watering.

By WSBA Staff