10 Popular Legal Podcasts You Should Hear

Countless podcasts flood the internet. Among the many niches and genres to choose from, there are also myriad podcasts that focus on legal topics.

From advice backed by research to engaging storytelling to, perhaps, a little humor here and there, legal podcasts run the gamut regarding style and content. From learning the basics to polishing your skills in the legal field, listeners will get a good dose of legal wisdom from experts in the profession and related industries.

Here are 10 popular legal podcasts you can, and should, listen to right now:

1: New Solo

Despite there being some limitations to lawyering on your own, you still get hands-on experience from going solo and the satisfaction of following your own ambitions to chart your career. The podcast New Solo, hosted by law practice consultant Adriana Linares, not only shows you the ropes of solo lawyering, but also the perks.

2: The Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast is most known for its weekly offerings of great conversations with lawyers, legal authors, and industry experts. In these conversations, analysis and technology go hand-in-hand, as legal experts discuss developments and innovations in the industry. Plus, if you’re looking to start your own firm, this podcast can help get you started.

3: I Am The Law

In I Am the Law, new lawyers and even law students can learn from seasoned experts as they dish out important information for beginners to the profession. With quick, 20-minute episodes, this is the place to hear amazing stories from experienced lawyers as they explain how they got to where they are today.

4: Serial

Serial is an investigative podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig, who dives into legal matters, along with other issues of public interest. Spread across seasons that examine one story, in each episode you’ll get another piece of a compelling narrative about a crime, ending with a cliffhanger that will keep you hooked—hence the podcast’s title!

5: Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Since 2005, Lawyer 2 Lawyer has been a chronicle of legal happenings. With hosts J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi (who are lawyers themselves), this podcast covers diverse and trending topics in the legal industry. From humanitarian crises to controversies, Williams and Ambrogi give their takes.

6: Technically Legal

Nowadays, technology has revolutionized many niches and industries—the legal profession is no exception! In Technically Legal, host Chad Main interviews some of the biggest names in legal tech. So you’ll be sure to get plenty of insight on the latest technical advances affecting the practice of law.

7: Legal Toolkit

Looking for a commonsense education in what it means to be a lawyer? No problem. With host Jared Correia—CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting—this podcast has monthly introductions and interviews to some of the most well-known and respected names in the profession. The podcast also highlights the latest popular tools, programs, and services you can look into for your practice.

8: The LAWsome Podcast

Featuring legal marketing professionals Jake Sanders and Paul Julius, this weekly podcast provides legal industry insights, along with input from other experts in the field. With digital marketing as the focus, Sanders and Julius give the most up-to-date information to help you succeed.

9: The Immigration Hour

The Immigration Hour challenges listeners, especially lawyers, to separate politics and public relations from legal immigration issues,” says Ezra Gandon, a law writer at Paper Fellows and Essayroo. “The host Charles H. Kuck takes you through various topics in immigration, and how politics will push agendas that are either for or against receiving more immigrants in America.”

Gandon suggests that this podcast is beneficial to listeners with an interest in law and how it relates to immigration policy. Kuck delves into immigration from multiple angles, making it enjoyable for any listener, regardless of personal politics.

10: LawNext

LawNext is a weekly podcast with lawyer and consultant Bob Ambrogi. This is your go-to place for discussions on legal topics, along with technological and innovational insights from Ambrogi and other experts he invites. Ambrogi’s guests will fill you in on how technology has transformed the legal industry for the better.