The Ups and Downs of Starting Your Own Law Practice

For a lawyer who’s thinking about striking out on their own and starting a firm, there are naturally pros and cons. You gain more autonomy in how you practice, but lose the structure of an established firm. You get to choose how you run your business, but you also take on more risk.

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4 Reasons Young Lawyers Should Consider Going Solo

I’m a young lawyer. I started law school in 2010, which was a scary time to be entering the profession. Jobs had disappeared and a scarcity mindset had taken root. I was relieved when I managed to find work, first as an appellate clerk, and then at several mid-size Seattle firms. But relief and satisfaction […]

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Rainmaking for Small and Solo Firms: 5 Essential Tips

Rainmaking, bringing home the bacon, chasing cheddar—whatever you want to call it, most lawyers want to find clients, build trust, and attract new business. But most lawyers are also heads down in practicing law, not marketing themselves. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, especially for solo and small firms, but there are definitely tricks of the […]

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Comics, Creators, Copyrights and Collaboration

Representing comic book creators can be exciting: you get to use your JD to protect costumed heroes and villains! Given Hollywood’s love of the comic book property, attorneys who practice IP law and work in the entertainment industries should have a working knowledge of the legal issues comic book creators face each time they begin […]

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The Changing Contours of “Low Bono”

Up until very recently, whenever I asked other lawyers what they thought “low bono” meant, most ventured an uncertain guess along these lines: “Is it like pro bono, except instead of paying no fee, the client pays a low fee?”

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Effective Communication in 3 Simple Tips

Communicating with other people is an important part of what we do as lawyers. Here are a few suggestions that I offer to attorneys who want to communicate more effectively, whether it’s with clients, colleagues, or friends and family.

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A New Way to Do Pro Bono in Washington State

If you’re like many of the attorneys I know, you want to do pro bono work, but it can be hard to find the time. Most lawyers are busy, with important responsibilities to current clients, families and friends. If this describes you, good news: a new way to serve low-income clients has arrived in Washington.

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Eastern District Addresses Lateral-Hire Screening to Avoid Disqualification

The federal district court in Spokane recently addressed lateral-hire screening to avoid disqualification in Assenberg v. County of Whitman, No. 2:14-CV-0145-TOR, 2015 WL 5178032 (E.D. Wash. Sept. 4, 2015) (unpublished). While the court rejected disqualification in this case, the ruling underscores the importance of early and thorough screening when law firms take on new lateral […]

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Creating Amazing Videos and Avoiding Ethics Violations

Video is a powerful platform for connecting with new prospects, establishing a stronger online presence, and providing resources for your current clients. As part of our ethics day on Aug. 26, 2015, we will be covering how to create content — including video — that avoids common ethics violations. But what makes a good video […]

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