Court of Appeals Discusses Arbitration of Legal Malpractice Claims

Division I of the Court of Appeals recently discussed arbitration of legal malpractice claims in Butler v. Thomsen, 2016 WL 4524244 (Wn. App. Aug. 29, 2016) (unpublished). The facts in Butler were unusual. A lawyer had negotiated the settlement of a minority shareholder “squeeze out” case involving a closely held high-tech company. The settlement agreement […]

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Court of Appeals Outlines Standards for Implied Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege in Settlement Reasonableness Hearings

Division II of the Court of Appeals recently outlined the standards for implied waiver of the attorney-client privilege in the context of settlement “reasonableness” hearings under RCW 4.22.060. In Steel v. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co. WL 4001431 (July 26, 2016), the parents of children who had been abused at a day care center sued the center […]

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Cover of NWLawyer

What’s in the July/August Issue of NWLawyer

Need some summer reading? The July/August 2016 double issue of NWLawyer is packed with articles on national parks, lawyer hobbies, and more — and it’s arriving in your mailbox soon. Check out some of our feature stories below or read the full issue online.

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State Law Revision Intends to Help Juvenile Offenders with Mental Issues and Addiction

On Feb. 17, 2016, the Washington State Legislature changed the laws relating to community supervision in juvenile court to address the needs of juveniles who need more extensive mental health and/or chemical dependency treatment (see House Bill 2746). Prior to the amendment, a juvenile sentence of community supervision included only community-based supervision. It was changed to […]

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