What’s in the July/August Issue of NWLawyer

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Need some summer reading?

The July/August 2016 double issue of NWLawyer is packed with articles on national parks, lawyer hobbies, and more — and it’s arriving in your mailbox soon.

Check out some of our feature stories below or read the full issue online.

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One thought on “What’s in the July/August Issue of NWLawyer

  1. rewinn

    Why is there NO substantive discussion of the radical changes to WSBA’s Bylaws proposed by the Bylaws Committee (…a misnomer for a Committee formed in violation of the Bylaws requirements for Committees?)

    Why a front page article on Hobbies instead of an alert about the Executive Director’s plan to rename the WSBA, turn dues-setting over to her friends at the Supreme Court, and pack the Board of Governors with non-elected non-lawyers?

    Does Bar News have any journalistic integrity at all, or are you just collecting a paycheck?

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