Friday 5: Lawyers’ Favorite Law Blogs

Woman reading a tablet

A while back, we talked about legal podcasts that lawyers love. This time, we’re ranking the top law blogs. These law-related blogs cover a wide range of topics, from educational to humorous to serious. No matter your mood or practice area, you’ll find something on this list to interest you. See the rest of the top 10 — including the #1 law blog — in NWLawyer’s April/May 2016 issue.


Solo Practice University
As the name indicates, Solo Practice University is geared toward solo and small firm practitioners. With a number of articles focusing on bar exams tips for going solo, it is especially helpful for new and transitioning attorneys.

This blog is geared specifically toward high-powered professional women. Its tagline,“fashion, lifestyle, and career advice for overachieving chicks,” is illustrative of the website’s off the cuff and somewhat feminist content. While some sections of the blog focus on fashion and store sales, articles in the “Careerism” section are geared more toward real-life issues facing female professionals, including motherhood, networking, and office politics. Overall, this blog can be fun reading for female lawyers.

Election Law Blog
Given the excitement and drama of the current presidential election, the Election Law Blog is both timely and educational. It features a variety of election topics, such as election law, campaign finances, redistricting, voting rights, and various other topics. With up-to-date information on the election and coverage of various other election law issues, this blog appeals to the political junkie within all of us.

Attorney at Work
There are lots of relationship advice blogs out there, but what about advice blogs for lawyers? If you have been feeling bereft of a write-in advice blog geared toward lawyers, then Attorney at Work is for you. It features a diverse array of advice to address a wide variety of professional and work-life balance issues, from marketing advice to improving client satisfaction to avoiding burnout.

Law and the Multiverse
Have you ever wondered about the legal and ethical issues involving superheroes? For instance, could Superman and Supergirl claim refugee status after escaping from Krypton? What about the ability of prosecutors to convict criminals captured by Batman, given his complete disregard of proper police procedures? Law and the Multiverse analyzes these fictional situations with real-world law. It manages to be both enlightening and entertaining, drawing clear parallels to current events. This is the quintessential blog for attorneys who are also science fiction nerds.