Legislative Update

Fantasy Sports Takes on Washington’s Lawmakers

Fantasy sports is no longer an isolated niche for fans of football or baseball who want additional incentive to watch the game. Daily fantasy sports (or “DFS,” as it’s known for short) have made the industry big business, as players can win money based on putting together teams in a variety of sports.

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new attorney

Friday 5: Tips for Job Seekers

For most of us, job searches are grueling, but an eye-catching cover letter and solid interview skills can make all the difference in helping you land that dream job. Whether you’re a new law school graduate lining up your first job or a mid-career attorney contemplating a change, these tips will help you connect with […]

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Recognizing Young Lawyers’ Community Service: The Public Service Incentive Award

I refuse to accept the legal profession as merely a service industry. Attorneys provide more to clients, the public, and democracy than just a service. But the profession has monetized itself to make attorneys sometimes more akin to salesman who peddle wares than professionals who advocate justice. It’s for this reason that now, perhaps more […]

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