Meet the New WSBA Law School Representatives

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Each of the three law schools in Washington state has a student government position dedicated to connecting law students with WSBA programs and initiatives and to support the broader legal community. WSBA is excited to introduce you to the law student representatives elected this spring to serve during the 2017-2018 school year!


Dana Mydland, Washington State Bar Association Representative from Seattle University School of Law
Dana pursued law school so she could help with the everyday injustices seen all over the world. “I have always had a passion for justice, and I feel passion is important to accomplish the complex problems our world faces today,” she says. This summer, she will work as a law clerk for personal injury attorney Robert Kornfeld in Kirkland, Washington.

Dana’s personal and professional aspirations for her 2L year include helping the law school community to be more comfortable with the idea of mental health. “It’s an interesting complex that you experience when you’re in law school where everyone is feeling anxiety and pressure, yet keeps their emotions bottled up,” she explains. “I want to open up more discussions about mental health so that students, especially 1Ls, don’t feel so isolated in their law school experience.” As a student government representative, Dana looks forward to helping her fellow and incoming students on their journey to becoming lawyers. “It’s not exactly an easy road, and if I can help even a small amount of students with their experience, I would feel I have done my job successfully.”

You can reach Dana at

Alex Palumbo, Washington State Bar Association Liaison from University of Washington School of Law
Alex chose to go to law school because, as a concurrent student, he believes it will complement his Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington. “As a future lawyer, I look forward most to impacting real change through our legal system,” he says. “As an individual who identifies within the LGBTQ community, I have personally seen the profound effect lawyers can have in facilitating rights and opportunities for me.”

This summer, Alex will work for Hon. Tanya L. Thorp at King County Superior Court. In the fall, he will be externing at the Washington Supreme Court and then working part-time for Seattle City Attorney during the winter quarter.

He says he ran for this student government position for the opportunity to facilitate new relationships for himself and the law school community. “Being a liaison for this specific bar association provides opportunities for collegiality within the three Washington law schools, and among our professionals, as opposed to being a part of a national bar association.”

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Victoria Elleby, American Bar Association Representative from Gonzaga School of Law
Victoria chose to go to law school because she has a passion for equity and a believes that a juris doctor will allow her the flexibility to explore different career paths where she can serve others. “As a future lawyer, I mostly look forward to being able to advocate for people with less resources, on working on social justice issues, and on being able to sharpen my skills and improve my community,” she says.

This summer, she is working at Expedia, Inc. as a legal intern while taking classes online. Her personal and professional aspirations for her 2L year include being a good Moot Court teammate, being a beneficial resource in coordinating our juvenile record sealing clinic, and gaining legal experience at a local law firm. She ran for student government because she enjoys speaking with her classmates and advocating for their interests. She also plans to lead discussions on major issues that affect the law student population. “I am looking forward to learning more about the WSBA and the programs they offer to the community and practicing lawyers.”

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