Best WSBA Summer Sale CLEs to Stream During Lockdown

Hot air balloons

You know how Netflix can be kind of judgmental? Like when you get that screen after several continuous hours that asks “are you still watching?” forcing you to confront all that wasted time?

Sadly, with so much of the world still on lockdown, there are few things to do that don’t involve a screen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stream something and improve your skills as a legal professional.

The WSBA Summer Sale is upon us again. This year, to better assist our members with the hardships posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the discount will be increased to 50 percent for on-demand Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses and webinars, the sale will run longer than before, and more CLEs are available at rock-bottom prices. Scroll down to see some of the top streamable content that you can binge watch without the guilt.

COVID-19 Content

Lawyers love to joke about all the things they weren’t taught in law school, but it’s doubtful that most would’ve expected their alma mater to include courses on dealing with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Fortunately, these things don’t happen so often that there are experts in the field; unfortunately, there are no experts in the field, but fortunately again, the legal profession runneth over with smart, innovative folks who’ve quickly pulled together helpful information on complex topics emerging as a result of COVID-19.

Throughout this health crisis, the WSBA CLE Store has been regularly updated with new content to help legal professionals navigate the logistical, economic, and ethical quandaries presented by COVID-19. All of these COVID-19 Resources are on-demand and easily found in one place.


Maybe you feel like getting down in the weeds and technical during this downtime, in which case it’s a great time to brush up on ethics. One highly relevant topic, now that so much of the legal world is handled remotely, is in the intersection of ethics and technology. “Keeping Ethical in a Technical World 2.0” will help you wrap your mind around ethical considerations for rapidly evolving technologies like artificial intelligence, social media, and cloud computing. Or you might browse through other popular CLEs, including:

Legal Writing

Wanna get awesome at writing reel good? Your in luck—and not just because the people behind WSBA CLEs had no part in writing this blog! If you want to take your legal writing to the next level, the legal writing workshops can help you put the lessons learned in law school into practice on your legal briefs or provide a refresher on writing effective and engaging intros with a UW legal writing professor as your guide.

Washington Law and Practice Refresher

With updates to the material every year, the Washington Law and Practice Refresher is like a long-line of sequels that, unlike most sequels (we’re looking at you, Jurassic Park, you prehistoric heartache) keeps getting better. Cozy up with on-demand classics like this bundle of essential information on ethics and black letter law for Washington lawyers.