Learn, Act and Make an Impact: Celebrate Pro Bono

Celebrate Pro Bono is next week – here’s what you should know about this national celebration.

What is Celebrate Pro Bono?
In 2009 the ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service created Celebrate Pro Bono to showcase the incredible difference that pro bono lawyers provide to our nation, our system of justice, our communities and, most of all, to the public. It was the first nationally coordinated strategy for recognizing pro bono across the country. Now nearly 70% of the events held in the past eight years were direct service legal clinics, volunteer training and recruitment events, or new initiatives.

What is the Washington State Bar Association doing to Celebrate Pro Bono?
First, don’t miss the next MentorLink Mixer on Tuesday, Oct. 24, noon – 1:30 p.m. These events are centered on learning and finding the mentorship opportunity that best fits with your interest and availability. We’re excited to host the following legal service providers that have pro bono mentorship opportunities in King County:

Second, don’t miss this month’s Legal Lunchbox. This free CLE will focus on the ethics and best practices of working with clients with intellectual disabilities. We will begin the seminar discussing ethics and the relevant RPCs in detail, and hear best practices. A panel will round out the seminar discussing the practical aspects of everyday life for persons living with intellectual disabilities and will provide best practice tips for attorneys representing them.

Where else can I learn more about Pro Bono and Public Service?
While the national celebration is one week long, pro bono and public service can happen any time of the year. See the variety of ways lawyers have enhanced the profession through service. To learn about other pro bono and public service opportunities visit www.prononowa.org or take a look at the qualified legal service providers and learn about how you can earn pro bono CLE credit.

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    This article causes me to wonder how many managers there are at the WSBA. It would be interesting to see an organization chart with all the management staff shown for all its departments and then the number of employees reporting to each them. I have the impression that the WSBA is not a lean organization; but I could be wrong.

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