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Interested in Being a Young Lawyer Liaison to Sections? You Should Be

Group of people standing outside

A young lawyers shaking handsThe Young Lawyer Liaisons to Sections provide a vital link between new and young lawyers and WSBA’s sections, opening new leadership opportunities while also strengthening connections with WSBA sections.

Jordan Couch, a workers’ compensation attorney for Palace Law, is one such liaison. Couch’s term as the Solo and Small Practice section liaison is expiring this year. We asked him about his time as a liaison, what he’s learned from it, and why he thinks it’s valuable for new and young lawyers. Read more »


Shared Wisdom: Experienced Lawyers Pass on Their Knowledge at MentorLink Mixers

Graphic silhouettes of lawyers mingling.
WSBA Communications Specialist Colin Rigley gets a taste of the conversation and keys to success heard inside WSBA’s recent MetorLink Mixer.

Graphic silhouettes of lawyers mingling.At a packed MentorLink Mixer in the WSBA Conference Center on May 15, Roger Moss, a Seattle attorney and mediator, spent the afternoon sitting with a rotating batch of other lawyers — some younger, some older, some in law for a while, some still fresh to it — who were looking for advice on what to do next in their careers. The topic of the day was Alternative Careers for Legal Professionals, which drew so much interest that the mixer reached capacity about two weeks before the event.

If you took Moss’s advice from that day and distilled it to its most basic components, it would be “I go to things.” Read more »


A Creative New Way for Mentors to Earn MCLE Credits

A mentor chatting with his mentee
The Self-Directed Structured Mentoring Program is elegantly designed to encourage lawyers to pair up to share professional knowledge.

A mentor chatting with his menteeNearly two years ago, the Washington State Bar Association launched a creative new way for lawyers to earn free MCLE credits through one-on-one mentorships. It’s a program that deserves your attention.

Although the Self-Directed Structured Mentoring Program may not have the catchiest name, the system behind that mouthful of syllables is elegantly designed to encourage lawyers to formally pair up to share professional knowledge and experience. Let’s call it “SDS” for short. Read more »


12 Attorneys, a Call to Action, and 5 Minutes

Five Minutes logo
When attorney Aneelah Afzali issued a call to action, the Washington Leadership Institute responded with “Five Minutes.”

Five Minutes logoAround a large conference table at Perkins Coie in Seattle, twelve young attorneys of the Washington Leadership Institute listened attentively as a local Muslim-American lawyer spoke about media portrayal of Islam. The lawyer, Aneelah Afzali, issued a call to action, urging her audience to know Muslim people and challenge the media’s portrayal of Islam. Read more »


Want to Retire, but Still Volunteer? Apply for Emeritus Pro Bono Membership

Two older attorneys and a younger woman
Many Washington lawyers tend to overlook the option to continue volunteering after retiring from active practice.

Two older attorneys and a younger womanAre you planning to retire, but afraid to give up your “active” license? Or perhaps you are thinking about changing careers and leaving the legal profession, but still want to volunteer? Or maybe you are a parent or primary caregiver that does not need an “active” license but still wishes to volunteer from time to time? Whatever the reason is, there is a simple solution: Apply to become a WSBA Emeritus Pro Bono member. Read more »