Lawyers Continue to Help Feed Children During the Pandemic

LHHC members

In 1991, Lawyers Helping Hungry Children (LHHC) was founded by Seattle attorney Robert Mussehl and a group of dedicated lawyers who sought to end childhood hunger. For the past 22 years, LHHC has helped fund anti-hunger programs and advocated for children.

LHHC currenty funds the City of Sumner Food Service Program, the Emergency Feeding Program, and Northwest Harvest, which service those in need of food throughout King County; LHHC also has a chapter in Tacoma. LHHC also funds Care, which provides nutritional food to children across the globe. Care currently works in over 100 countries, reaching close to 10 million children. LHHC remains a group of Seattle and Tacoma lawyers committed to ending childhood hunger.

Despite the seemingly endless uncertainty of COVID-19 and its many challenges, LHHC has remained committed to its mission that no child should go hungry. Due to COVID-19 restricitions, LHHC has been unable to hold its annual fundraising lunch. Nevertheless, LHHC has annually donated $5,000 to each of its beneficiaries during the pandemic. On Jan. 22, board members and friends of LHHC rolled up their sleeves and volunteered at the Emergency Feeding Program (EFP). With the assistance and direction of EFP, LHHC worked in the warehouse, packing 218 food boxes and filling 560 snack bags to be picked up and distributed thoughout King County.

For those unfamiliar with EFP, it was founded in 1977 by the Black United Clergy for Action and the Church Counsel of Greater Seattle with the goal of providing high-quality food to those in need throughout King County. EFP began with three standard diet food packs: small, medium and large. Since 1977, EFP’s menu has transitioned from nonperishable food items to fresh organic food boxes and grown to 15 varieties of nutrionally based food, which include special diet needs, culturally sensitive diets, and no-cook meals for those who are homeless. For the past 45 years, EFP has provided high-quality and nutritional food to people in need. Through its vast network of food assistance, EFP serves 120 social service partners and distributes 42,000 meals a week throughout King County.

If you are interested in learning more about LHHC or joining the board, please contact LHHC Chair David Otto at To learn more about EFP or to volunteer, please contact Belynda Dunbar at