Have you tried TheFormTool?

The Form Tool

Are you familiar with the services we offer our members? Tools like Casemaker, WordRake, the Washington Daily Decision Service, and insurance resources are available to help you and your practice prosper. Below, learn more about one of my favorite member benefits: TheFormTool.

TheFormTool: Form Automation

By a show of hands, who uses forms? 1, 2, 3… okay, you all do. Better question: Have you tried TheFormTool? (I always imagine yelling something along the lines of “Because it’s amazing!” following that question.)

TheFormTool creates standardized forms for your law firm and allows for the automation of your most commonly used documents with features like gender and verb agreement, equations, and capitalization.

TheFormTool even has the ability to create checklists of all manners, intake forms, components of wills, and the lineup continues! And the best part – each and every form is clear of any metadata the next time you want to use it.

Avoid the Metadata Hassle

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the term “metadata” and you know that attorneys should be careful with the forms they create and use on a daily basis. Metadata is data that provides information about a specific item’s contents, such as what was edited and when.

TheFormTool takes care of this headache and ensures that each and every form you use will be the original and only copy for that file.

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