Want to Help the Oso Mudslide Victims? Here’s How You Can Help

Oso lanslide aerial

We’ve all heard about the devastation of this week’s 530 Slide in Snohomish County (see this interactive before-and-after graphic), which has caused 17 confirmed fatalities so far. Ninety people are still missing, and crews continue to search the area.

Thanks to the overwhelming response, no volunteers are needed at this time, and Snohomish County asks that we give the rescue teams space to do their work.

If you want to help, here are some resources for online donations and mud slide information:

And remember these tips from the Seattle Times for making sure your donations go to legitimate charities:

  • Avoid cash donations. Write checks directly to the charity, not the fundraiser.
  • Never give out credit card numbers over the phone.
  • Be wary of new charities.
  • Watch out for fake “victim” or memorial social media accounts.

Our thoughts go out to the Oso community and all of those impacted by this devastating disaster.

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