Weekly Words from President Palace: Week of Jan. 30

WSBA President Patrick Palace
Read WSBA President Patrick Palace’s Jan. 30 update.

WSBA President Patrick PalaceOn Saturday, Jan. 25, the day after our Board of Governors meeting, I addressed the  Washington Leadership Institute (WLI) Fellows on the topic of leadership. WLI had “Session 1” of its WLI Leadership Training on the 24th and 25th. Here is the agenda so that you could see the caliber of the speakers and topics. The WLI is a line item in the WSBA budget and you should be aware of its existence and what the WLI does. Read more about the WLI.

On Jan. 27, I attended the WSBA Governance Task Force Meeting. In preparation for this meeting, the BOG Governance Workgroup met. As a result, the WSBA Governance Task Force was attended by me, President Elect Anthony Gipe and Governor Dan Ford. We had a frank and meaningful discussion about governance, the role of the WSBA staff and the relationship between the WSBA leadership and the Supreme Court. The Task Force was engaging and interested in hearing our views on these topics. The meeting went well and I have left the door open should they want or need additional information from the BOG.

On Jan. 29, I attended the Seattle Legal Innovation Technology MeetUp. This is a group of self-dubbed “legal hackers” (that’s a good thing in this context) that are “entrepreneurs, lawyers, thinkers, disrupters and innovators.” During the meeting, we heard from five different cutting-edge online legal providers. Two were national companies and three were local. I listened to live presentations from the presidents/CEOs of Shake Law, WeVorced, Coyote, Invigor Law Group, and Visibid. This technology group is chaired by Dan Lear and Janelle Milodragovicech. Dan Lear is also a member of the WSBA Future of the Profession Workgroup and was a presenter at the recent Reinvent Law Symposium in New York. Read more about the Seattle Legal Innovation Technology MeetUp and Reinvent Law.

On Jan. 30 I attended the BOG Legislative Committee in our lobbyist’s natural environment. For those of you who have not been to the WSBA legislative offices in Olympia, it is worth a trip.

After finishing the conference, I met with my daughter, who was a page last week in the House of Representatives for Representative Laurie Jinkins of the 27th District. The page program is a fabulous program that brings high school kids to the Capital for a full week of work with members of the House and Senate.  My daughter fell in love with Olympia, the Legislature and WSBA Legislative Director Kathryn Leathers.  I highly recommend this program.

On Jan. 31, I attended the Kitsap County Bar Association Annual Dinner. Governor Vern Harkins and his wife also attended. We were all entertained by Judge James Riehl, who, by all accounts, missed his calling as a standup comedian or perhaps as the MC of a celebrity roast TV show.  The Kitsap Bar always puts on a terrific annual dinner that is one of the funniest events in the state.

On Monday, Feb. 3, Kathryn Leathers and I met with Paul Jackson, the director of development for TVW. We met to explore opportunities for a partnership between the WSBA and TVW. It was a fruitful lunch and we will continue discussions to see if there are opportunities for greater television access of Bar activities, Bar programming and further opportunities to work with TVW.

Additionally, I am writing a little blog article for NWSidebar on mindfulness. Mindfulness has received a fair amount attention locally because it is a tool used by Seahawks Coach Pete Caroll to keep the team focused. Check out “Seattle Seahawks will have ‘Ohm’ Team Advantage.”

You may also have seen that Time Magazine’s cover story recently about mindfulness. The lead article is “The Mindfulness Revolution: The Science of Finding Focus in a Stressed-out, Multitasking Culture.”

All of this is just to say that mindfulness continues to be a reason for success in corporations, sports teams and successful businesses because it works to bring focus, efficiency and effectiveness (and happiness) to a new level.   I wish there were a Super Bowl of bar leadership. I’m confident that our mindfulness would make us champions too.

You should also know that I have appointed the following members to the WSBA Future of the Profession Workgroup: Kirsten Barron; Mark Baumann; Ahndrea Blue; Mark Britton; Helen Ling; Dan Lear; Greg Mclawsen; Rachel Rappaport; Diane Singleton; Steve Shaw; Marty Smith; Charity Anastasio; Phil Brady; Debra Carnes; Peg Giffels; Jean McElroy; Megan McNally; and Jerry Moberg.

Let me also thank James Andrus once more for his work on the Board of Governors. James, you will be missed.  Also, I am happy to report that candidates are already starting to apply for Governor Andrus’s position. I look forward to a heavily contested field of candidates.

I encourage you to contact me if you have questions, comments or concerns. Follow me on Twitter @Palacelaw.

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