Friday 12: Ways to Celebrate the Seahawks

We’re in!

It seems like every other office window is plastered with a blue and green 12 today. Lawyers — and WSBA staff – are in!

As anticipation mounts for the Seahawks v. Broncos game, check out  12 ways to celebrate on Sunday:

  1. Get ready for some new post-win art at the Seattle Art Museum. In this friendly bet, the winning city will display the losing city’s art for a three-month loan. Start looking forward to a bronze statue of a cowboy on top of a bucking bronco.
  2. Enjoy Hilliard’s 12th can. Make room in your game day cooler for this pleasantly bitter brew by Ballard’s own Hilliard’s Brewery.
  3. If beer isn’t your beverage of choice, try one of these Washington-inspired cocktails instead. Have no fear, there are no fluorescent-colored liquors on this list.
  4. Don’t forget the sugar! Trophy Cupcakes has you covered with the Beast Mode Seahawks Dozen.  Cupcake Royale is in on the action too, offering a 12th Fan Dozen. You can never go wrong with cupcakes.
  5. Look no further for the perfect Super Bowl snack list! This list includes basics like cheese and crackers, as well as fancier treats like a Madeira Mushroom-Filled Football Tart. Or check out this all-vegetarian list of Super Bowl treats. Don’t feel like cooking? Pick up some salty-sweet blue and green Beast Corn from KuKuRuza.
  6. Involve the tiny 12s! Looking for a kid-friendly place to watch the big game this Sunday? Check our Red Tricycle’s list of family-friendly locations showing the game around the Seattle area. If you want to celebrate the Seahawks with your kids in an out-of-the-box way, check out Marshawn Pinch, a hermit crab, and his friends Mussel Wilson, Richard Sturgeon, and Golden Skate at the Seattle Aquarium.
  7. Want to get your DIY on before the game? Pinterest has many, many ideas for football-themed crafts.
  8. We know you’ve seen a lot of Seahawks signs around Washington. Check out the “hawkitecture” from fans around the state, and learn how to add your own.
  9. Want to amp up your football fandom? Try some of these manicures meant for the biggest fan! We personally think the Seahawks manicures look much better than the Broncos-themed options.
  10. Headed to NY/NJ for the big game? You’ll want to eat well to keep your strength up for all the cheering you’ll do Sunday (and all the post-game celebrating, knock on wood!). While the knish at MetLife Stadium are tasty (or they were 15 years ago), here are some restaurants in NY/NJ you should try — and some to avoid.
  11. Ski before the big game. Steven Pass is selling a limited number of $12 lift tickets good for this Sunday. The tickets are good for four hours of skiing, and there’ll be a tailgate party ($21) during the game, which includes an all-you-can-eat buffet. Check out the Stevens Pass Facebook Page for details.
  12. Get out and watch the game. If you’d rather join a crowd to cheer on the Seahawks, check out The Daily Beast’s list of bars and eateries in major metro areas around the country. Eastern Washington, here’s a discussion thread with lots of recommendations.