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Join us for the 2016 WSBA Listening Tour

Listening tour map
On June 1, WSBA Executive Director Paula Littlewood and WSBA President Bill Hyslop begin the 2016 WSBA Listening Tour.

Bill HyslopOn June 1, WSBA Executive Director Paula Littlewood and I, WSBA President Bill Hyslop, will begin the 2016 WSBA Listening Tour. We’ll spend time with members in Bellevue, Moses Lake, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Pullman, and Spokane. Together these stops encompass the East King, Grant, Benton-Franklin, Walla Walla, Whitman, and Spokane county bars. Read more »


Religious Freedom Includes Right to Believe in Sanctity of Gay Marriage

WSBA Board of Governors President Anthony Gipe responds to member comments on gay marriage.

Close up of rainbow-colored stained glass

I normally use my blog posts to discuss and expand on my guest writers and the topics they are discussing. However, the June article that Barb Rhoads-Weaver and I co-wrote in NWLawyer prompted a couple of letters to the editor that I would like to respond to instead. Read more »


Inside Inclusion: Change is Necessary for Justice

A diverse group of legal professionals meeting in a boardroom
The Bar’s Joy Williams wrote an especially good primer on how to approach diversity and inclusion, in theory and practice.

A diverse group of legal professionals meeting in a boardroomIn the President’s Corner of the June 2015 issue of NWLawyer, Barb Rhoades Weaver and I wrote an article on transgender awareness. Usually I post to this blog with reflections on my guest writers. Since I was a co-author for that particular article, I instead want to focus on another article in our June issue by Joy Williams, “Inside Inclusion.” Read more »


LGBT Kids: Cycles of Suspensions, Homelessness, and Criminalization

Teenager with help written on hand
LGBT youth need a justice system competent to deal with and accommodate their differences.

Teenager with help written on hand

In the President’s Corner of the April/May 2015 issue of NWLawyer, Nicole McGrath discussed issues of equity in education, and how awareness of certain issues in how we handle race, poverty, and education in policy has a big impact on the lives of children.

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Models in Professionalism Are Often Cultural Competency Lessons

Hands holding a globe
The March 2015 issue of NWLawyer features articles on the importance of cultural competency.

Hands holding a globe

In the March 2015 issue of NWLawyer, there are two articles focused on cultural competency. The first is my guest writer for the President’s Corner, Francis Adewale, and the second, called “Know Thy Client,” is by Sims Weymuller.

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