Change is Afoot in the New Issue of Bar News

Cover of Bar News

October changes are abundant. Foliage transforming. Air crisping. Lattes pumpkin-spicing.

At the WSBA, the autumnal transition also signifies the annual changing of the guard on the Board of Governors. With the start of the new fiscal year in October, those governors who finished their terms welcome their replacements, and new Board officers assume their roles in the seats of president, president-elect, outgoing president, and treasurer.

It’s all highlighted in Washington State Bar Newsthis year, there is even a change to note in that regard.

“Historically, the October cover of Bar News includes a photograph of the incoming president standing in front of a courthouse or other location of importance,” writes newly sworn-in WSBA President Hunter Abell in a Q&A about his plans as president. “I wanted to try something different.”

The latest issue of Bar News features a cover image in the spirit of Norman Rockwell’s mid-century series of covers for The Saturday Evening Post entitled “Four Freedoms.”

“They were designed to remind the public why we were fighting,” writes Abell. This month’s cover depicts a few of Abell’s prior clients (and one family member), which, he explains, “is a visual representation of our modern society engaged in navigating our legal system and vindicating constitutional rights.”

In addition to the Q&A, Abell pens his first President’s Corner column in which he outlines his plan to help restore public trust in the legal profession. We also have profiles of each member of the Board of Governors so you can meet your local WSBA representative.

Then check out features dedicated to the thousands of hours of free legal help Washington’s legal community provides. October is considered Pro Bono Month and Bar News includes the Pro Bono Publico Honor Roll, with the names of every WSBA member who provided at least 50 hours of pro bono service in 2022. In other pro bono-focused content, you can learn about a lawyer who helped a pro bono client through the Family Violence Appellate Project, and the rule governing conflicts of interest for pro bono clinics.

Last but not least, find out what sexsomnia is and how to mount a defense for clients who suffer from this little-known condition, read the first edition of our new Member Wellness Corner column, and much more.