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Referendum Process Review Work Group Needs Your Input

Lawyer pressing virtual chat icons
The referendum provision in the WSBA Bylaws is an important one. A WSBA work group reviewing the process wants to hear from you.

Lawyer pressing virtual chat iconsThe referendum provision in the WSBA Bylaws is an important one — It allows for a vote of the membership on certain actions taken by the Board of Governors. Currently, a member referendum may reverse a final Board action, modify a final Board action, enact a resolution, or amend the WSBA Bylaws. Read more »


It’s Here: The September Issue of NWLawyer

Cover of NWLawyer September 2017
Learn cross-examination tips from one of the state’s leading trial lawyers in the September issue.

Cover of NWLawyer September 2017Inside the latest issue of NWLawyer, you’ll find: cross-examination tips from one of the state’s leading trial lawyers; an in-depth look at the use of police body-worn cameras in Washington; and an exploration of mandatory malpractice insurance. You can also take our 11-question quiz to test your knowledge on gender barriers. See how much you know about ways to end gender stereotypes and learn how to help advance women in the legal profession. Read more »


40 Minutes on What It Takes to Be WSBA’s At-large Young Lawyer Governor

Sean Davis
Helen Ling recently sat down with former WSBA Governor Sean Davis to discuss his experiences as at-large “young-lawyer” governor.

Sean DavisEver wonder what it’s like to serve on the Washington State Bar Association’s Board of Governors? Washington Young Lawyer Committee Past Chair Helen Ling recently sat down with former Board Governor Sean M. Davis to discuss his experiences in the at-large governor position reserved for new and young lawyers. Davis recently vacated the position to assume the role of WSBA’s general counsel. WSBA is now accepting nominations to complete the remainder of his term. Check out a few of his answers to the most recent Q&A session, or watch the full interview online. Read more »


Immigration Enforcement Must Not Restrict Victims’ Rights, Due Process

ICE agent making an arrest
How can we expect immigrants who themselves are victims of crimes – minor or major crimes – committed by U.S. citizens to face a judge under threat of deportation?

ICE agents making an arrestImagine you’re an undocumented resident of Washington state. Last night your significant other came home drunk, threw you across the bedroom, and threatened your life. What do you do?

Most legal professionals would advise you to go immediately to the courthouse and file a motion for a protection order. But you hesitate, recalling news reports of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents lying in wait at courthouses to snare undocumented immigrants. What do you do? Read more »


Running At-Large Part II: Let’s Be Real

Gov. At-Large Mario Cava
Gov. At-Large Mario Cava: We need diverse leaders who understand the disparate impacts of our policies and break barriers to justice.

Gov. At-Large Mario CavaWhile running for governor at-large on the WSBA Board of Governors offers “visibility” for those traditionally underrepresented in the profession, it also means speaking out as a champion for justice. After all, it is the WSBA’s mission to “serve the public and the members of the bar, to ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.” We need diverse leaders who understand the disparate impacts of the policies and procedures they write and who challenge structural barriers to access to the legal system. Read more »