The Latest NWLawyer: Of Presidents and Pro Bono

Cover of October 2019 NWLawyer

For many, the autumnal shift marks the end—the end of summer; the end of long days of sunshine; and, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, the end of dryness. At the WSBA, the beginning of fall also marks a new fiscal year, new members entering the profession after passing the bar exam, and new faces on our Board of Governors.

In the latest issue of NWLawyer, we introduce our newest Board President: Rajeev Majumdar, the first state bar president of South Asian descent.

Learn more about Majumdar, his goals as president, and his outlook on the future of Washington’s legal profession in a Q&A with the new WSBA president and the first of many President’s Corner columns to bear his byline (Majumdar has also set out to include a companion guest column to appear alongside his in each issue of NWLawyer).

It’s great to focus on what’s new, but in October, the WSBA and legal organizations around the country pause to look at a legacy of service by the legal profession.

In this issue WSBA celebrates the legal professionals who give so freely of their time to serve the public good. We also highlight the many pro bono opportunities available throughout the state in a myriad practice areas. (Check WSBA’s Celebrate Pro Bono page for up-to-date news and opportunities.)

Paul Okner and Nancy Chupp of the Pro Bono and Public Service Committee share the committee’s recently published model pro bono policy templates, developed over two years for any organization to adopt, customize, and put into practice. Christine Anderson shows how any legal professional can do pro bono work for underserved tribal communities, Althea Paulson sheds light on the underused pro bono resource in WSBA’s emeritus program, and we have many more inspiring stories of pro bono programs in Washington—not to mention the latest list of legal professionals who self-reported at least 50 hours of service to make the Pro Bono Publico Honor Roll.

And after five months, nearly two dozen destinations, and a whole lot of road-trip mixtapes, Interim Executive Director shares the top five takeaways from the 2019 WSBA Listening Tour.

Read the October issue of NWLawyer to see what else is inside.