Transcript: Online discussion with WSBA’s President and Executive Director

paula littlewood michele radosevich
Read the transcript from President Michele Radosevich and Executive Director Paula Littlewood’s online chat.

paula littlewood michele radosevichOn May 28, WSBA’s President and Executive Director held a live online chat to disucuss the proposed changes to the rules governing MCLE credits.

Over 60 members of the legal community logged on to ask questions, provide comment, and discuss the topic.

Missed the chat? Read the online chat transcript.

Information about Proposed MCLE Credit Changes

Before the Supreme Court now are proposed changes to MCLE credits. If approved, MCLE credits would be broadened to include:

  • Practice Development
  • Work life balance and stress reduction
  • Leadership Development

In addition, at the April Board of Governors meeting the board approved a charter for a new Task Force that will be looking at our mandatory CLE requirements. The Task Force will review MCLE rules and regulations and determine whether they reflect current approaches to learning and teaching and are meeting the needs of today’s lawyers. The Board of Governors will soon be making appointments to that group.