Friday 5: 5 (somewhat last-minute) things to do over the long weekend

olympic peninsula hiking memorial day
Wishing you made plans for the long weekend? Here’s 5 things to do — no advance planning necessary!

olympic peninsula hiking memorial day

It’s Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and all your coworkers are talking about their really exciting holiday plans: camping, exploring another state, getting on a plane and going somewhere way too cool for a three-day weekend, etc. And maybe you’re hiding away in your office because, like me, you made no long-weekend plans and are now kicking yourself for not having booked that white-water river rafting trip you and your friends discussed last month. Well, have no fear, here are five exciting things (that you don’t need to plan in advance) you can do this weekend.

  1. Check out some local (or not-so local) festivals. For example, The Historic Fairhaven Festival, which is celebrated in Bellingham, is a giant, all-day, multi-street party complete with live music, vendors, tasty foods and a beer garden. Northwest Folklife is this weekend in Seattle. Or there’s the Methow Valley Rodeo, in Winthrop. Wine lovers can head to Willamette Valley for Memorial Weekend in the Wine Country, featuring 150 local wineries.
  2. Plan a “staycation” for yourself. Have you been dying to explore that hotel you walk by every day on your way to work? Do it! Who cares if it’s in your hometown? Rent a room, order room service, and pretend you’re in some exotic city (also tell your colleagues you went to that same exotic city when they ask you what you did over the weekend).
  3. Be a bum. There is no shame in planning your entire weekend around catching up on one (maybe two) seasons of the TV show you can never find the time to watch.
  4. Do some DIY projects around your house. Is your garden in need of some work? Do you have a room in need of some fresh paint? Get it done this weekend. You’ll feel proud when you see the results of your hard work — plus, you can invite all your coworkers over to show off your success.
  5. Be a tourist in your own (or a nearby) city. For example, if you’re a Seattleite, check out the Seattle Great Wheel, spend some time exploring Pike Place Market, take the Seattle Underground Tour, visit Chihuly Garden and Glass, or ride to the top of the Space Needle. Two thousand museums across the country are offering free admission to active-duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. There are some beautiful sights to see in your own city. And, you can always top off your adventure aboard the “Ride The Duck” bus. Lines are now forming.

Regardless of what you’re doing this weekend, we hope you enjoy it! Happy long weekend!

The WSBA will be closed on Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day. 

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