Online discussion with WSBA’s President and Executive Director

paula littlewood michele radosevich
Join President Michele Radosevich and Executive Director Paula Littlewood for an online chat on Tuesday, May 28!

paula littlewood michele radosevichGrab your lunch, and join the WSBA president and Executive Director for an online conversation on Tuesday, May 28!

What: Online discussion with WSBA’s President and Executive Director

When: Tuesday, May 28 – NOON

Topic:  Proposed changes to MCLE Credits and any other topics you’d like to discuss

It’s been a busy year with a lot of conversation on where the legal profession is headed. One area under discussion in Washington centers around our Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credits.

Before the Supreme Court now are proposed changes to MCLE credits. If approved, MCLE credits would be broadened to include:

  • Practice Development
  • Work life balance and stress reduction
  • Leadership Development

In addition, at the April Board of Governors meeting the board approved a charter for a new Task Force that will be looking at our mandatory CLE requirements. The Task Force will review MCLE rules and regulations and determine whether they reflect current approaches to learning and teaching and are meeting the needs of today’s lawyers. The Board of Governors will soon be making appointments to that group.

I encourage you to join me and Paula Littlewood, WSBA’s Executive Director, on Tuesday, May 28. We’re interested in your questions and feedback on the proposed changes to MCLE credits and whether you think they should be broadened. We’ll be funneling your input to the Supreme Court. But, that’s not all we’ll talk about. We’re ready to field any questions you’d like to ask.

Again, please join us a noon on Tuesday, May 28 for an online discussion.

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