Shot of a group of friends jogging down a road in the early morning

Exercise Can Make You a Better Lawyer

Some people might think there isn’t enough time in the day to be both a serious lawyer and a serious athlete. I disagree. In fact, I think some of the skills athletes must develop can actually improve and enhance a lawyer’s abilities, too — which makes it well worth your time.

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Friday 5: Advantages of Being a Rural Attorney

Five reasons for becoming a rural attorney from three rural Washington attorneys. Ever fantasize about retiring to a sleepy little town on the Washington coast or a bustling wheat town on the Palouse? Why wait? Here are five reasons for becoming a rural attorney, gleaned from interviews with three rural Washington attorneys.

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Friday 5: Ways to Nurture Your Brain and Improve Your Work

Feeling a bit sluggish after the holidays? You’re not alone. Try these five helpful tips to get your brain’s neurons firing in the new year. You can read more in Helen Ling’s full article, “Brain Science and Lawyering: Paying Attention to Your Body and Brain to Improve the Quality of Your Work,” in the Dec […]

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Doing Nothing Can Be Really Something

Bestselling author and executive coach Richard Leider spent 25 years interviewing people who had retired from successful and satisfying careers. He interviewed more than 1,000 retirees and learned a common truth about their lives. They admitted that if they could live life over again, they would be more reflective. According to Leider, “They got so […]

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Friday 5: Stress Busters for the Busy Lawyer

Psychological stress is one of the most destructive internal forces affecting your body and mind. Many in our profession struggle daily to keep stress at bay so we can perform at our best and maintain good health. Following are a few simple things you can do right now to help fight stress: Get a pet. […]

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