Your Winter Action Plan for Beating the Holiday Blues

A sad dog with a holiday bow.
The WSBA’s psychologist Dan Crystal offers a few simple tips to ward off the Grinch inside you this holiday season.

WSBA psychologist Dan Crystal offers a few simple tips to ward off the Grinch inside you this holiday season.

The winter blahs are an inevitable occurrence and it takes a plan to power through. The holiday blues don’t make it any easier — either there’s too much or too little family involved. Now’s the time to come up with your winter action plan for beating holiday stress and enjoying the chilly months ahead.

Here are some tips to help you overcome the holiday blues:

  • Stay fit. Whether it’s hot yoga, taking a walk in your neighborhood, working out at the local gym, or cross-country skiing, physical fitness is like a security blanket that wards off depression. And, of course, exercise helps to counteract the unhealthy holiday eating habits that we all sometimes indulge in.
  • Take a trip. Winter is a perfect time to take advantage of those vacation days before the end of the year, so get out of town. Take a drive into the mountains to enjoy a beautiful view or a flight to someplace with warmer weather — the key is having something to look forward to.
  • Sign up for a class. There’s more to life than the law. When you get home at night, don’t just switch on the TV and switch your brain off. Rather, try on a new hat. Head to evening class at a local community college to try anything from pottery or landscape painting to learning a foreign language. Or try online education resources like The WSBA also has self-care offerings in our Lending Library that can assist you in your career as an attorney.
  • Stay social. You are not a grizzly bear, doomed to a winter of hibernation. Make plans with others part of your weekly routine. From board games to book clubs, open your door to friends and family. How about trying that new restaurant in your neighborhood?
  • Try a career tune-up. Ready for a change? This might be a good time to address unemployment or a switch to a new practice. Check out our Weekly Job Group for information and resources.
  • Don’t overlook the simple pleasures. Taking a bubble bath, cooking a new recipe, completing a jigsaw puzzle, or trying meditation or self-hypnosis can all be deeply restorative.

For greater concerns about your well-being, you can contact WSBA Connects for crisis support and free counseling in your community. If alcohol is a problem, take a look at our addiction resources page, which spotlights our Unbar Addictions group. We can also introduce you to peer advisors who can provide support.
Remember, planning makes all the difference. Make plans in the morning, when you’re energized — and follow through on them — and you’re more likely to be your best self in the evening. For more ideas and support on beating the winter blahs, contact the WSBA Lawyers Assistance Program.