3 Tips to Beat Procrastination

Feeling overwhelmed by your work and unable to get started? Try these quick tips to help get you back on track.

1. Is it rejuvenation or avoidance? Taking a walk around the block or eating ice cream may look the same when you are avoiding writing a 20-page brief or rewarding yourself after wrapping up a four-week trial, but it feels completely different. Identify what you are feeling. If it feels like what you are doing is actually avoiding work, find a way to reign in your fears and take a stab at getting started.

2. Just get started. If you have a big assignment to do, it is often hard to know where to start. Sometimes the best way to start is to start small. For example, if you are creating a document, just give it a name and start typing your first page, and you will already be in a very different place than before you began. Even if you later need to go back and delete some of it, you will now be thinking about what you need to do — and you will often find you have the focus needed to move ahead.

3. Cut out distractions. Want to nurture your mind’s ability for deep, sustained thinking? Close your blinds, put a “do not disturb” note on your door, shut down Outlook and your web browser, hold your calls, and give yourself a couple of hours of peace and quiet for thinking. Take this time to cut out the noise and make room for work to begin. You know you will feel so much better if you get some work done.

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