Answering the Call to Serve: Above and Beyond

Morgan Gabse

The WSBA’s Call to Duty Pledge inspires Washington attorneys to work outside their normal practice areas to serve veterans. Morgan Gabse is one attorney who branched out to meet veterans’ needs.

Morgan decided to take the Pledge to help current and former members of the military who, like her older brother, dedicate much of their lives to our country. Morgan works as a healthcare contracts consultant in Seattle; however, adhering to the Pledge, she helped veterans receive family law and estate planning advice.

Morgan participated in a recent WSBA Call to Duty Day of Service event in Tacoma that focused on family law. She had no family law experience, and none was necessary. On the day of service, volunteers learned about Washington family law in the morning by participating in a CLE. Later in the day, each volunteer paired with another attorney, and together they met with veterans. Their advice focused narrowly on answering questions about dissolution and parenting plan forms. Between the CLE and working with another attorney, Morgan successfully provided legal assistance to veterans.

Morgan also helped bring the WA Vets Will Clinic to Seattle. The clinic provides free estate planning documents to veterans. Lawyers who volunteer with the clinic must complete a CLE. Then they partner with another attorney during the clinic, while a mentor attorney is never far away.

Like Morgan, you can serve veterans. Neither her practice area nor her background prevented her from meeting the needs of veterans in the areas of family law and estate planning. Learn more about the WSBA Call to Duty Day of Service.

Take the 2016 WSBA Call to Duty Pledge and serve a veteran and his/her family! To learn more, visit

Washington State Bar Foundation

WSBA FoundationCall to Duty and other WSBA public service programs are funded by charitable donations to the Washington State Bar Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation and contribute here.

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