Why You Should Check Out WSBA’s Lending Libraries

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A while back, I Law librarywas moderating a program on retirement that mentioned subjects covered in our Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) and Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP) lending libraries. So I plugged the libraries, thinking I was being infinitely helpful. A couple of weeks later, as I reviewed the questions and comments from the program, one stood out.

“I do the webinar because I’m in Spokane,” the participant said. “It’s not helpful to mention a resource that’s only in Seattle.” I had mentioned there was a resource, but not how to access it. That’s like offering dinner with no utensils.

To correct that mistake, I’m starting a series about the WSBA’s lending libraries. I’ll start by explaining how to access them and what they generally contain. Later posts will highlight books of interest to lawyers of particular persuasions.

What’s in WSBA’s lending libraries?
The LOMAP lending library has approximately 300 titles on practice management, guides in using specific technology, human resources and employee management, marketing your law practice, opening or closing a law firm, managing your career, and more. The majority of titles are on technology issues, but new lawyer resources are a close second. Most of the books are ABA publications and we strive to acquire the newest titles promptly. CDs and DVDs are included in some books or available as stand-alone products.

The LAP lending library is predominantly books on work-life balance, addiction, mental health, and managing work relationships (both up and down). LAP titles are less likely to be ABA publications and they have a wide applicability. These titles offer lawyers the cross-disciplinary help they sometimes need to handle a difficult profession. Together, our two libraries have 377 items.

How can I access them?
Any member can check out books from either lending library. There are four ways to borrow:

  1. Call LOMAP at 206-733-5914 and tell us what books you want (including LAP library titles).
  2. Email us at lomap@wsba.org (also for both libraries) to request items.
  3. Click on the title you want in the new and improved online catalog and it will automatically prompt you to email lomap@wsba.org. (Internet Explorer users may not be able to access this feature; try using a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox.)
  4. Or pop in and visually peruse! The library is in the visiting attorney office on the 6th floor. The front desk can help or call LOMAP for more in-depth assistance.

Once you have chosen your titles, either pick them up at the WSBA office or LOMAP will mail them to you at the address you wish. (Borrowers do pay shipping to mail books back to the WSBA.) If the book you want is popular, you will be put on a waitlist and we’ll give you a general idea of how long it will take to get that title. Once the book comes in, we will check with you to make sure you are still interested. Then you have two weeks with it, plus two more if you contact us and no one is on the waitlist. To return the book, either drop it off at the front desk or mail it back to us.

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