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April 25, 2014


Friday 5: Things you can do with your Bar number and password

by contributor
check out
MyWSBA is the key to managing your WSBA member record, lawyer directory profile, MCLE roster, and CLE purchases.

Have you logged in to myWSBA lately? You should! MyWSBA is the key to managing your WSBA member record, lawyer directory profile, MCLE roster, and CLE purchases. Below are five (okay, six) things you can do online with myWSBA — no phone calls, no paper forms.

Update your contact info

You moved/got a new job! Congratulations. Don’t forget to update your contact information, so you don’t miss important communication from us or contacts from clients and colleagues searching the lawyer directory.

Update your practice info

Did you change practice areas? Switch firms? Are you taking a break from practice? Be sure to update your practice information, so that your lawyer directory profile is up-to-date.

Check your MCLE roster (aka, “How many more CLEs do I have to take?”)

Active attorneys have to earn at least 45 MCLE credits every three years. Finishing up your last 20 credits between the holidays and the end of the year isn’t always the best plan. It will be tedious. Your family and friends will not thank you. Log in to check your MCLE roster and keep tabs on how many more credits you must earn, when they’re due, and make sure that all the CLEs you’ve taken appear on your roster.

Need some credits? Did we mention that we’re offering free monthly CLEs with our Legal Lunchbox Series?

Register for CLEs and access your upcoming webcasts, purchase MP3s and more

Wait, did you already register for the next free Legal Lunchbox CLE? Rather than search your inbox, where you’re more likely to find the lost city of Atlantis rather than the email you need, log in to myCLE on our CLE store and look at your upcoming webcasts. You can also access your past CLE orders, current section memberships, purchased MP3s, and a list of upcoming CLEs that might be of interest.

Join a WSBA Section

WSBA has 28 practice sections, including the newly formed Low Bono Section. Sections allow you to connect with colleagues across the state and access exclusive member benefits like list serves, newsletters, and free/discounted CLEs. Join one today!

Bonus: Change Your Password

If you can’t remember your password or you’ve been using the same one for every website login you have, now is a good time to change it!

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  1. Tom J. Westbrook
    Apr 25 2014

    And access casemaker.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone


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