Congratulations to WSBA’s Pete Roberts

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WSBA member and LOMAP client Candace Wilkerson wishes Pete a happy retirement.

I first met Pete Roberts about a year after my move to Seattle, while attending a WSBA Job Seekers Group run by Dan Crystal. I was attempting to decide between solo practice and finding a position with a law firm, and Dan suggested that I consult with Pete at the Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP) office before making my decision. From that first appointment, I found Pete to be a vast source of knowledge, practical advice, and incredible reassurance.

Before my first meeting, I received a large packet of information designed for attorneys opening a practice. Three years later, I still refer to that packet on a regular basis. I have also borrowed a number of books from the LOMAP library on various legal topics.

In numerous appointments with Pete, we covered a lot of ground. As examples: his suggestion three years ago that I contact a number of attorneys in my area of interest with very low Bar numbers (meaning they are most likely close to retirement) to offer myself as a contract attorney or possible turnover resource; his very sensible calculations regarding how many billable hours per day — multiplied by workdays multiplied by my hourly rate, subtracting a certain percentage for non-paying clients — I need to work to break even; and long discussions about best practices for encouraging (hypothetical) clients to pay. We also discussed stress, running a business, money management, networking, and whatever pressing issue I had at the time. I always finished my session newly inspired.

I will give myself a little credit, but in large part my practice has succeeded because of Pete and LOMAP.  I wish I had scheduled a few more meetings before he retired! Thank you, Pete.