What is NLE, anyway?

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Learn more about the New Lawyer Education Program with Attorney Vincent Humphrey.

new lawyer education business startupNew Lawyer Education originated with a Supreme Court mandate in 2006 (see APRs 5 and 18), which requires all attorneys new to practice in Washington to complete a minimum of four hours of free education prior to their admission to the bar (PREP). Since then, the WSBA has expanded the “on-boarding” of new lawyers in their first four years of practice through a library of free and low cost, accredited programs tailored to new lawyers. This includes short “Just the FAQs” videos, as well as NLEs — accredited CLE programs designed especially for new lawyers.

Attending a NLE CLE

So, what’s it like to attend an NLE CLE? Here’s what attorney Vincent Humphrey has to say:

I have been to several CLEs, but the “Business Lawyers Summit 2013: Advising the New Tech Startup” is my first New Lawyer Education program after my initial four required hours. The format of this particular NLE was designed to teach a new attorney how to guide a fictional client through the legal mire of starting a new business.

The NLE covered business basics and formation, tax issues, IP, the dos and don’ts of hiring employees and purchasing office space, and finally, all-important networking.

Business Basics and Forming a New Entity
An LLC? S-Corp? Or a C-Corp? Or perhaps a social purpose corporation is needed? This segment guided everyone present through the differences in entity selection and the liability attached to each one. From taxation to transferability of interest, it is covered in an easily understood manner.

Tax Issues
Two things are assured in life, or so I’ve heard, one of which is taxes — and somebody has to pay them. The speaker reviews how different entity choices have different tax burdens, complete with an explanation of the state and federal tax implications.

Hiring New Employees, Real Estate Transactions, and Networking
Said the employer to the interviewee, “So, Mrs. Smith, I see that you are married. What are your family planning strategies for the next decade? We need you here for the long haul.” The speakers give everyone in the room tools and tips to stay clear of potential hiring questions such as this one. (In case you were wondering, that question was NOT okay!)

After hiring concerns are addressed, it’s on to a review of triple net leases, gross leases, and major provisions found in many commercial leases.

The day closes out with networking tips and guidance on how to use social media to build your business, follow me @vincenthumphrey and on Instagram :). One key nugget the speaker leaves us with is to get out and mingle and, above all, just be yourself.

After a whirlwind afternoon, we enjoy a networking reception and, after a few cookies and meeting some awesome new attorneys, I bid adieu to a wonderful program.

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