I’m an American Band (Namer)

american band namer
NWLawyer Editor Michael Heatherly’s list of hypothetical tribute band names, with goodies like “Meetwood Flac” and “French Kiss.”

american band namerRemember those aptitude tests from high school? I scored really well in the areas of nursing and agriculture, which was weird, because there were probably no two academic areas in which I had less knowledge, interest, or skill than nursing and agriculture. When I discovered that most of my friends scored high in those fields as well, I concluded that the nursing and agriculture industries were hurting for recruits, and helpful educators were trying to herd students their way.

Anyway, had there been a career category for “band name creator” when I got out of high school, that’s probably what I would have chosen to pursue. Being a music geek and a word geek, I have been obsessed with band names for as long as I can remember. Even now, when I have nothing better to do, I sometimes see how many band names I can dream up. For the exercise below, I decided to narrow my focus to names for hypothetical tribute bands. The links are to the original artists’ entries in the magnificent All Music online encyclopedia.

If that happened to have inspired you to come up with some band names of your own, share in the comments.

4 thoughts on “I’m an American Band (Namer)

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  2. markpattersonlaw

    Right now I think Boeing is channelling some Deep Purple:

    “Smoke in the cockpit…
    And fire in the sky
    Smoke in the cockpit…”

    Followed by that iconic rif.

    We need more posts like this to remind us life is not just one big statute as applied in caselaw. Well rounded people make better lawyers.

  3. LegalEagle

    I appreciate music and “humor” as much as anyone else, but what does this — and a similar music-related post a few weeks ago — have to do with the legal profession? This belongs more appropriately on your own personal blog vs the WSBA blog.

  4. Jacob D

    New Wave Cover Bands with a legal twist:

    Deposition Mode (Covers of Depeche Mode recorded with lo-fi equipment)
    ECF (EMF – “Unbelievable – what happened to that order I know I uploaded?”)
    MedMal (The Cure, performed very poorly)
    Spoliation (Covers of Erasure songs with important lyrics missing)

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