Riding the Technology Wave

mark pattersonI am just fresh from training with West. It appears the litigation support software I have is not as effective as it could be due to the age of our Word program.

We are making an effort to heed Exec. Director Paula Littlewood’s request we paddle out and ride our boards in with the tsunami changing the profession, but have found it just doesn’t look as easy as it did from the beach. In fact, the board I have tethered to my leg is smacking me in the head as I tumble in toward the shore. I think I prefer the mountain bike, so I am heading for the hills instead.

Meanwhile my former copy boy employee is riding the wave, taking law school in Southern California in two years, then off to an MBA. I doubt he will suffer the same fate I did on the technology wave. It is a function of youth.

From the Impact Zone —

Mark Patterson II
Practicing law in his hometown, you betcha

One thought on “Riding the Technology Wave

  1. markpattersonlaw

    Well I know the young fellow I hired and is now surfing for real while in law school looks a lot better than me, but the author actually looks more like a man who has practiced law nearly 30 years. See the icon that should show up with this comment.

    Meanwhile it has been a quiet week in Everett, my hometown. So, I think I will catch a bus for downtown and see what is up at the Estates and Trust seminar. I like working for the dead. Dead men send no e mail.

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